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It's time to get some exercise. Stretch those legs, get yourself going today, don't let yourself become one with the couch. Enjoy some of these hilarious high-tempo puns and jokes that will have you gasping for breath.

My Coach Takes No Crap

sports exercise practice - 7311474944
By macattacka

Such a Badass

fitness exercise crunches working out - 7271320064
By Unknown

Just Keep Running

exercise omg run Rage Comics treadmill - 5978936064
By Honory

But I'm So Full

exercise all the things ice cream eating - 6530304768
By Unknown

Yoga Sucks!

raisin rage exercise yoga - 6665788672
By mychemfan317

I Probably Burned So Many Calories Breh

biking workout exercise - 7889114368
By Unknown

Dodging Traffic Is Good Exercise Too

rage guy fat poker face exercise FUUUUU traffic - 6780439040
By TheHumorous1

Running in Dreams...

dreaming exercise QWOP slenderman - 6700402688
By DK3000

Oh You're Just Saying That!

fitness oh stop it you exercise wii - 6906727936
By Unknown

I Cannot Escape My Noxious Fumes!

farts exercise bad poker face feel like a ninja - 6705402880
By Unknown

Get in Shape and Beg for Attention at the Same Time!

exercise facebook okay body Rage Comics - 6285393408

My Whole Body Hurts!

workout fitness exercise - 7564051200
By Stefan007

And I Only Passed Out for 20 Minutes

Challenge Accepted exercise Music raisin face - 6578654464
By Unknown

....1000, 1001...

crunches exercise - 8203586560
By Unknown

Too Much Innuendo for Me

gym innuendo workout me gusta fitness exercise - 7879545600
By Unknown

Weight Loss 101

healthy exercise Okay - 6997432320
By Kaitlyn56
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