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Cookies are life. Especially if you're Cookie Monster. Take a dip and a nice big bite of these delicious cookie puns and jokes.

Oh, You Lied? Guess You're Not Using the Car for a Week

cookies fu guy i lied Rage Comics - 6202951424
Created by IhasTAKENyourINTERNET

Best Friends

im-watching-you friends cookies - 8007478784
Created by Unknown

The Sad, Sad Story of My College Diet

screw that determined cookies - 7799600128
Created by Unknown

People Actually Drink the Milk?

cookies forever alone milk Rage Comics - 5553613824
Created by Unknown

I Was About to Cookie Monster Out

candles Challenge Accepted cookies Rage Comics - 5564434944
Created by Unknown

Just Don't Inhale

cookies sir Rage Comics - 5591144448
Created by Unknown

Cookie Miracle

christmas cookies - 6848073216
Created by Unknown

The Cookie is a Lie.

raisins cookies - 7689421056

Five Second Rule

cookies five second rule germs - 7904263168
Created by TNTzer

Uh-Oh Oreos

baking Close Enough cookies no Rage Comics - 6078565632
Created by Unknown

2am Cookies

comics cookies delicious rage Rage Comics - 4755972608
Created by MikeB

So Much For Romance...

now kiss Okay cookies dating - 8427676416
Created by PinkieP

The Five Second Rule Doesn't Apply to Cookie Mush!

milk true story cookies fu guy - 6728123904
Created by Unknown

Chrome, Y U No Want My Delicious Cookies?

okay guy google chrome cookies Okay funny - 6136970240
Created by Unknown

And I Hope It Gets Stuck On Your Foot

cookies lego Rage Comics - 5407887360
Created by TweeQer

Cookie Wars

cookies im-watching-you trolling trollface - 8173768448
Created by Komega