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computer guy

Me on Facebook

facebook crush computer guy - 8249348864
Created by Oscaror

Facebook Worms

computer guy facebook no - 7978961920
Created by penelopesdad

Writing Mistake

computer guy rage trolldad - 8024115712
Created by Unknown

College is Hard

classes please challenge considered college computer guy - 8012420864
Created by Unknown

Dat Feel

sweet jesus dat feel computer guy - 8103588096
Created by Unknown

That WAS My Favorite Song

Songs Music computer guy - 6541812992
Created by Unknown

That Little Red "1" Bubble Feel

facebook computer guy - 7854542592
Via conanthebrobarian

Maybe "The Walking Dead"...

much later please meta computer guy - 7884297472
Created by PJ_Awesomness

Curse You, Site Maintenance!

computer guy download trollface - 7913445376
Created by Unknown

Geocacher's Dilemma

computer guy forever alone - 8098404352
Created by Unknown

I'll Report Back to You When I Start Working

much later procrastination every time meta computer guy - 7815337728
Created by Unknown


computer guy lol meta poker face - 8095608064
Created by Sgt.Green

That Tingly Feeling...

computer guy pop - 8116957952
Created by TheScarletWolf

One Amazing Essay

Challenge Accepted essays computer guy - 8010521600
Created by tentoes2

New Email!

forever alone meta computer guy - 8096783360
Created by Derp1231234

...Don't Machine Wash it Either, But DEFINITELY No Drycleaning

computer guy ebay - 8106425856
Created by Unknown
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