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Who Would Have Thought That a Game Called "Kerbal Space Program" Would Have Math in It?

math computer guy - 7784321536
Created by TheAnonymousVipar

What Have You Been Doing All This Time?

waiting friends computer guy - 7881997824
Created by Slashy55

Blah Blah WebMD, Yeah Yeah Yeah...

webmd cold sick computer guy - 7585248000
Created by BenGarth

Searching For a Job

computer guy job search table flipping rage unemployment - 8068849664

It Brings Out the Psycho in All of Us

computer games computer guy - 7604728576

Darn You, Past Self!

lego poker face past self computer guy - 7849329920

Creator Rage

computer guy lol meta rage - 8025221376
Created by Derpy1231234

Alone? Let it Rip!

computer guy fart shadowlurker - 8069012480

That Joke is No Longer Funny

jokes Dexter computer guy - 7968988416

Just Meh

creepypasta meh computer guy - 8090486528

Just Double Checking

internet phone computer guy - 8447910400
Created by DissolveTheKitten

I'm Invisible!

computer guy Memes - 7966593792
Created by Foolproofboy

Can't Wait For That Time of Year...

summer swimming computer guy - 8447980544

Why, Youtube? WHY?

3d computer guy youtube - 7961277440
Created by HadestheKid

Watch It, They Said...

miley cyrus oh god why no computer guy - 7763965184


SOON computer guy - 8378880256
Created by FeatheredRooster
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