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computer guy

That Tingly Feeling...

computer guy pop - 8116957952
By TheScarletWolf

Steam Awkardness

bad poker face computer guy friends steam - 8018796288
By groovylobster

That Little Red "1" Bubble Feel

facebook computer guy - 7854542592
Via conanthebrobarian

Jokes Aren't For Everybody

computer guy facepalm lol meta moms - 7976080896
By theotherchick69

Old Habits Die Hard

moms wifi computer guy - 7957641728
Via cheezburger.com

Someone Needs a Geography Lesson

computer guy facepalm geography sisters - 7952519936
By Unknown

Just a Thought

yolo swag gtfo computer guy - 7761588736
By Unknown

I Can Stop Any Time I Want...

computer guy - 6546971904
By Unknown

When Parents Are Gone...

all the things fapping pr0n computer guy parents - 7874192128
By Unknown

Great, Thanks For Reminding Me!

you dont say headphones computer guy - 8030572032
By CrazyCalvinWilliams


computer guy Memes t shirts sports superpowers - 7992773632
By musicianman32

Thanks For Letting Me Know, Facebook!

computer guy facebook justin bieber - 7978859520
By blueboye

Dat Feel

sweet jesus dat feel computer guy - 8103588096
By Unknown

I Don't Think So

no computer guy parents - 7955553792
By Squidkid915

Now I'll Be Forced to Wait Again

downloading computer guy - 7628283904
By PnF4EVAPony

Accidental Clicking Rage

rage meta computer guy - 8151312384
By Derp1231234
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