Rage Comics

What Changed When You Marked it?

homework school lies teacher - 8501169152
Created by gravedigga63

I've done it more than once.

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Created by LandLock_

You're a Nice Person, But I 'm Just Introverted!

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Created by RedAppleJp


noms Okay pretzels salt spiderpman sweet jesus have mercy - 6626627328
Created by RonBurgandy27

Oh the Hunger Games? Want a Sandwich?

hunger games mom oh god why poker face Rage Comics - 6040713472
Created by jeebzpb

Socially Awkward Fighter Pilot

cart groceries me gusta Rage Comics shopping - 5195759872
Created by akitainio

100% Pure Sugar Dust

cereal me gusta noms Rage Comics - 6310133504
Created by monoho

King of the Hill

fus ro dah Rage Comics Skyrim - 5706709248
Created by _woody93_

What Are Friends For?

trolling no life - 7069535744

You Have Morals?!

best of week Jackie Chan Rage Comics religion wtf - 5939698944
Created by Superman8484

Revenge Best Served Cold

cat static electricity - 6923392000

I Gave You My Opinion!

Y U NO tests - 7944392448


fallout - 7945919232
Created by downedpilot

It's a Tradition

rage guy christmas tree FUUUUU - 6870762240

But That Was My Best Comic Yet!

drawing fu guy Rage Comics - 6483582464
Created by Xyhpered

My Friends Are Idiots

silent hill graphics video games - 7182738944