Maybe You Can Coax Him Out of Hiding With Some B•tches Brew?

awesome cat double meaning Hall of Fame poster question slang win - 5252580352
Created by pedretta

'The Raven' Was a Ravin' Success!

after before Edgar Allan Poe opposites po' rich slang - 6547455744
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Must Be From Montana

color double meaning literalism slang trash white - 5214548992
Created by Annihilatedxx

Have You Tried Looking On the Ground, Perhaps?

expression Hall of Fame question similar sounding slang white - 5719557376
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Hall of Fame lego legos no slang - 5525448192
Created by Bendyrulz

I'm Butter, Too

mattress toast jelly slang shorthand - 6641533952
Created by Megamean09

I (Tell-Tale) Heart This Song!

bohemian rhapsody Edgar Allan Poe Hall of Fame literalism lyrics poe poor queen similar sounding slang - 6451220736
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These Letters Are Always Pretty Crappy

colloquialism deer double meaning letters literalism slang - 6459820032
Created by Ihave2Dogz


derogatory homophones literalism slang term - 4326264320
Created by shortshift

Shrimp on the Barbie

barbecue Barbie double meaning literalism shrimp slang - 5945873408
Created by Unknown

Totes M'Goats

goats Hall of Fame literalism slang - 4904411648
Created by Unknown

The Seventh Book Really is a Joke

double meaning Harry Potter lingo literalism lol slang - 4985014784
Created by aroll510

Post-Traumatic Bake Disorder

abbreviation cookies double meaning gingerbread gingerbread man Hall of Fame homophone literalism nam nom slang Vietnam - 5286370560
Created by Han.D.Jay
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