It's Not the Kind You're Thinking of, Though

dogs double meaning insult lolcats slang - 6495224064
Created by chech1965

Chuck Testa?

class docs doctors double meaning homophones literalism pair paradox slang - 5479804672
Created by Unknown

This Could Only Be Better Under One Circumstance...

answer double meaning literalism question rich slang surname - 6511789056
Created by xyzpdq1

Must Be From Montana

color double meaning literalism slang trash white - 5214548992
Created by Annihilatedxx

Jail Bait

double meaning jail literalism slang - 6474630400
Created by xyzpdq1

The Only Kind That Doesn't Kill the Vibe

chicken double meaning ICWUDT shape slang - 5091322624
Created by smtatertot13 ( Via store.gama-go.com )

You Might Even Call it Peckercraft

block chicken double meaning literalism lolwut slang - 5202498048
Created by Reinforcement

SMP CLASSIC: Crackalackin'

lacking sunglasses crackalackin crackers slang literalism double meaning classic - 6727173632
Via Pancake Sandwich Dot Biz


homophone ice picture recursion shorthand slang - 4250944256
Created by lolbeeen

Nothin' Like a Morning Cup o' Joe

coffee literalism similar sounding slang - 4856528128
Created by SirNottaguy-Imadad

The Best Dar

slang symbolism rainbow - 6978110976
Created by xyzpdq1

Maybe You Should Shed That Title...

cut double meaning failure literalism slang tool - 6564045056
Created by Unknown

Police Always Know How to Put a Negative Spin on Things

assault battery charge contacts police slang variations on a theme - 6616355072
Via Reddit

Is it Leprous?

colloquialism double meaning label literalism pizza sick slang - 5197762048
Created by miloh

'The Raven' Was a Ravin' Success!

after before Edgar Allan Poe opposites po' rich slang - 6547455744
Via Reddit

Funny You Should Ask...

answer double meaning jelly literalism question slang yes - 5968478464
Via Married to the Sea