You Might Even Call it Peckercraft

block chicken double meaning literalism lolwut slang - 5202498048
Created by Reinforcement

The Seventh Book Really is a Joke

double meaning Harry Potter lingo literalism lol slang - 4985014784
Created by aroll510

Post-Traumatic Bake Disorder

abbreviation cookies double meaning gingerbread gingerbread man Hall of Fame homophone literalism nam nom slang Vietnam - 5286370560
Created by Han.D.Jay

You Can Find it in a Club Near You

50 cent double meaning fifty shades of grey literalism nickname shoop slang - 6552309504
Via The American Kid

Maybe You Should Shed That Title...

cut double meaning failure literalism slang tool - 6564045056
Created by Unknown

Is it Leprous?

colloquialism double meaning label literalism pizza sick slang - 5197762048
Created by miloh

'The Raven' Was a Ravin' Success!

after before Edgar Allan Poe opposites po' rich slang - 6547455744
Via Reddit

Better Than Bad Marimbas, Amirite?

bad double meaning literalism shorthand slang - 5943980032
Via Toothpaste for Dinner

Totes M'Goats

goats Hall of Fame literalism slang - 4904411648
Created by Belly Bellerton

Jail Bait

double meaning jail literalism slang - 6474630400
Created by xyzpdq1

You Might Say That Indeed

alcohol delicious drunk fat ham mac prefix slang - 5259506944
Created by Unknown

The Only Kind That Doesn't Kill the Vibe

chicken double meaning ICWUDT shape slang - 5091322624
Created by smtatertot13 ( Via store.gama-go.com )

Ugh, He's Seriously the BrautWORST.

double meaning grill literalism slang - 6441010688
Created by PetePete


colloquialism Hall of Fame lolwut similar sounding slang - 5654964224
Created by Unknown

You Gotta Rac Up Those Donation Dollars Somehow!

convention literalism prefix raccoon similar sounding slang - 6574379008
Created by TuckerBentley

Police Always Know How to Put a Negative Spin on Things

assault battery charge contacts police slang variations on a theme - 6616355072
Via Reddit
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