What Even is the Difference Here?

lying opposites similar sounding snoop dogg - 6511791360
Created by xyzpdq1

Natalie Portman

man woman surname opposites suffix - 6855218432
Created by Unknown

With Great Facial Hair Comes Great Responsibility

after before comparison ice ice cube literalism opposites shaved - 4823710208
Created by Unknown

Makes Sense to Me!

on off literalism opposites suffix - 7045838080
Created by Sofa-Knee ( Via Sofa Knee )

Innovation is Timeless

comparison opposites similar sounding suffix - 6265011200
Via Reddit

They Couldn't Be More Opposite

contrast double meaning eye homophone homophones literalism opposites wife - 5296111104
Created by Unknown

Tell Me Why (The Wrinkles Keep On Comin')

Hall of Fame literalism old opposites surname - 6029699584
Created by failbLOLg

It's Still Difficult to Tell the Difference...

expression face happy opposites surname - 6157103104
Created by pcrackenhead

Because a Subtracter Would Just be Silly

answer eight literalism minus misinterpretation opposites question three - 5037855488
Created by xyzpdq1

At One Point He Was Gary Middleagedman

old surname literalism opposites young suffix - 7013320704
Created by ScienceDog

This One's a Bit of a Stretch...

close far literalism opposites santa similar sounding - 5314077952
Created by trlpLaszaLt0

Man, Pepper is Just SO COLD

cool double meaning explanation groan-inducing hot opposites sun sunglasses - 6545192704
Created by Static_Bunny ( Via The Pepper Pancake )


shoop man Lord of the Rings opposites girl suffix - 7080715008
Created by Unknown

'The Raven' Was a Ravin' Success!

after before Edgar Allan Poe opposites po' rich slang - 6547455744
Via Reddit

Snow Doubt About It

lose similar sounding winner opposites - 6891831552
Created by Unknown

No Bell Left Behind...

smart literalism dumb opposites - 7021041408
Created by Sofa-Knee ( Via Sofa-Knee )
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