That is One Sullen Looking Mullen

double meaning homophone literalism name statement - 5731229184
By Joobaloob56

We Ben Jammin' On This Constitution Track for a While Now

jamming literalism name suffix - 6231222016
By noromxyo
double meaning french Hall of Fame literalism name translation Video - 37618433

Le Jacqueshammer

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Hell Has Frozen Over

frozen hell literalism name over saying sign - 4895618304
By -Ghost-

It Also Shot the Sheriff, But That's Another Story Entirely

bob marley double meaning jamming literalism name old joke is old printer reason - 6566066944
By Will Johnston

ICWUDT Mental Floss...

around cliché double meaning globe Hall of Fame ICWUDT literalism name william shakespeare - 5856900096
By LOLdogexpert (Via Mental Floss)

This Dictator is Also a Lifesaver

Hall of Fame literalism name similar sounding - 5607442944
By Shiny_Suicune


bear bear grylls concept difference homophones literalism name similar sounding - 4495819008
By Unknown


ball future name politics - 4069929984
By Unknown

That's One Trick This Dog Can't Be Taught

Command double meaning Hall of Fame heel literalism name - 6443570432
Via The Joy Cannon

Queen Takes Bishop

action character chess double meaning Hall of Fame literalism move name queen - 5701285632
Via My Confined Space


double meaning forever alone literalism name Rage Comics relation relationship ship - 5504730624
By Unknown

At Least They've Got Him Saved in Their Database?

computer file icon literalism name - 4744877824
By Tox_Mace

That's a Lot of Work for a 13-Person Crew!

Hall of Fame lift literalism name schindler similar sounding - 6391140608
By xyzpdq1

Flan-a Del Rey

flan lana del rey literalism name similar sounding - 5783072256
Via Have You Met Miss Jones?

Please Tell Me This Means We Can Deport Them...

Hall of Fame juan Mexican name one direction similar sounding sombrero spanish - 6046970368
By trollcave_08