This Dictator is Also a Lifesaver

Hall of Fame literalism name similar sounding - 5607442944
Created by Shiny_Suicune


character game groan-inducing name picard pit Rage Comics video game - 5581995520
Created by felgrand101

One Step Closer to the Hedge

band double meaning in link literalism name park - 4820731392
Created by -Nayce

College Football Time!

college color double meaning football laundry detergent literalism name - 6578672640
Created by IdahoGeekette

I Think They're Still Upset About the Burnt Rubber...

dinner double meaning flat jack lion lions name question tire tool - 5521708032
Created by Craptabulous

The Dark Side of a Lemon Drop

double meaning drink drop Hall of Fame lemon literalism name - 6420265984
Via Threadless

That Movie Was Fontastic!

ariel disney double meaning font literalism name The Little Mermaid - 6382218752
Via Punblr

Its Flavor is Just Monstrous

character literalism name suffix surname tea - 5925334016
Created by maxystone

Call of Duty

call double meaning Hall of Fame iphone literalism name - 5689257984
Created by Snake73

AKA Every Single Coffee Shop in the World

coffee double meaning holy literalism name sign - 5716449024
Created by sasukefangirl600

The PunCat Cometh

cat caterpillar Cats costume ghost gifs Hall of Fame homophones name octopus puns - 6213699840
Created by Unknown

Not Bad, Actually

double meaning drawing Hall of Fame literalism name - 5688824320
Via Mnannuk

Courtesy Umbrella Corporation

Hall of Fame name Osama Bin Laden similar sounding suffix zombie - 6233439232
Created by frank44mag

Why Don't You Go Where the Topping Sits?

brand cracker double meaning literalism name putting on the ritz ritz song - 6324395264
Via Reddit

Is She a Righty or a Lefty?

palm forever alone similar sounding prefix name - 7119587840
Created by 55zelda ( Via Cheezburger iOS Builder )

I Don't Care What You Call Me as Long as You Call Me

guy named cyu agen
Via YoussefHamdi
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