But Make Sure To Handle With Care

double meaning go goose literalism name origin root take - 4865051648
By Unknown

I Think it Could Be Fuller, TBH

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By MrOreoman

Its Flavor is Just Monstrous

character literalism name suffix surname tea - 5925334016
By maxystone

College Football Time!

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By IdahoGeekette

Not Bad, Actually

double meaning drawing Hall of Fame literalism name - 5688824320
Via Mnannuk

You Sher Locked Into That One, Emma

answer catchphrase double meaning emma watson literalism name question Sherlock sherlock holmes term - 6436543232
By Unknown

Sponsored by Jack Black

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By dbfnq

As Long As You Don't Call Me Late for Dinner

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By Ryan Sharman
double meaning french Hall of Fame literalism name translation Video - 37618433

Le Jacqueshammer

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Why Don't You Go Where the Topping Sits?

brand cracker double meaning literalism name putting on the ritz ritz song - 6324395264
Via Reddit


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By RevMedic

Give Me Beans, Give Me Tacos, Give Me Gringos, Give Me Paco!

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By TomDoody


literalism name off-rhyme similar sounding - 4483990272
By sienasaurus

This Dictator is Also a Lifesaver

Hall of Fame literalism name similar sounding - 5607442944
By Shiny_Suicune


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By Unknown

I Think They're Still Upset About the Burnt Rubber...

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By Craptabulous
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