catchphrase graffiti homophones name Pokémon similar sounding song - 4523729664
By filawigger

Welcome to Applebees

apple bees double meaning literalism name restaurant - 6459358208
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That's a Lot of Work for a 13-Person Crew!

Hall of Fame lift literalism name schindler similar sounding - 6391140608
By xyzpdq1

Hope You Like Tailoring!

excited homophone name sew shop sign so store - 6482230784
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Not Bad, Actually

double meaning drawing Hall of Fame literalism name - 5688824320
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Hanksy's Marty McFly

back to the future fly Hall of Fame Hanksy name suffix surname - 6279888128
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Taylor Swift Driving Down the Highway

brand double meaning literalism name semi taylor swift - 6548458240
By tonis

If TMNT Took Place in an Office

literalism name shredder teenage mutant ninja turtles - 6196308224
By Alex B.


Hall of Fame hypothetical name nicolas cage rhyme rhymes rhyming surname - 4707300608
By Unknown


hell name pizza quote restaurant - 5591716352
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Hall of Fame name novel shop similar sounding - 5328000000
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facebook last name rhyme rhyming surname Tom Cruise - 4479814144
By dalton210

I Put the Lusitania and Titanic in LTR

double meaning forever alone literalism name relation relationship ship - 6383049984
By Unknown

You Sher Locked Into That One, Emma

answer catchphrase double meaning emma watson literalism name question Sherlock sherlock holmes term - 6436543232
By Unknown

The Internet is a Series of Trekkies

data double meaning literalism name Star Trek - 6570553600
By Hyper.Threaded

And Then My Hands Start to Slippy Off the Steering Column

adjective angry character coffee double meaning lolwut name nintendo noun peppy Staring video game - 5378852864
By Bendyrulz (Via NoPUNintendo)