Innuendo, if you know what I mean. Just make sure you get the gist of these before you enter, you might be in for a "surprise".


france french innuendo - 4768263424
By Unknown


double entendre Hall of Fame innuendo literalism misinterpretation upset - 5021381888
By Unknown

Gives New Meaning to 'Going Commando'

catchphrase double entendre double meaning Hall of Fame innuendo - 6218439936
By pedretta


I innuendo iphone literalism prefix tap - 4495480320
By alchemicgenius


double meaning Hall of Fame homophone hose innuendo literalism - 5039075584
By Unknown

Nice Double Entendre You've Got There, Northampton General

advice double entendre double meaning Hall of Fame innuendo use - 6265013248
Via Punblr

Oh Nick Offerman, You So Hilarz!

double meaning innuendo jugs literalism Nick Offerman sugar sweet tame - 5985972992
Via @Nick_Offerman

Will BLB Ever Catch a Break?

innuendo - 6624493312
By adrian03


double meaning Hall of Fame innuendo lolwut name product - 5555382272
By Unknown

Under the Weather

feeling under weather innuendo lolwut wtf - 6662228480
By katty2000 (Via Azure888)

Mine is Not...

body innuendo uranus - 6600728576
By benhuh


Awkward fap innuendo prefix similar sounding - 4777388544
By Unknown

Wall I'll Be Damned

double entendre double meaning innuendo laid literalism - 6441333504
By PetePete

Just Don't Ask to See His Knights of the Round Table

innuendo similar sounding camelot - 6898784256
Via Reddit

That's Not Appropriate in Public!

Hall of Fame innuendo similar sounding uranus - 5965801984
Via Lolscience

That is Perhaps What She Uttered At One Point

innuendo double entendre stone double meaning - 6767850496
By Unknown