Harry Potter

The Joys of Potter Puns

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batman Harry Potter Movie novel sew sirius black the dark knight the joker WHY SO SERIOUS yarn - 4106514944
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I'm Holding Out for Handlebar Potter, Personally

after before double meaning hairy Hall of Fame Harry Potter homophone literalism shaved - 5901554944

The Only House I Ever Want to Be Sorted Into

Hall of Fame Harry Potter house literalism prefix similar sounding slytherin snape - 5861677568
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Real Mature, Guys

Harry Potter similar sounding suffix - 6501154560
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Welcome to Slotherin

Harry Potter puns slytherin funny - 7442974464
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acronym alert brand computer Harry Potter initials printer slogan spoiler - 4472301056

I Think You Brought Home the Ron Kind of Loaf

double meaning ginger Harry Potter literalism Ron Weasley - 6598252032
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Woah! Chill Out, Harry!

Harry Potter comeback innuendo double entendre - 7000163072

He Who Shall Not Be Played

dynamite Hall of Fame Harry Potter lyrics parody rhyming similar sounding song tayo cruz voldemort - 5145442560
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The Horcrux of the Joke

cold Hall of Fame Harry Potter hole literalism obvious old prefix voldemort - 4747194624


Hall of Fame Harry Potter literalism poster posters shoop similar sounding syllables - 4973826304

Smarter Than Raven Symone

Harry Potter thats so raven - 7401434368

Willow Smith and the Sorcerer's Stone

gifs Hall of Fame Harry Potter rhyme rhyming similar sounding stairs - 6378828544
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Albus Dumbleroar

dumbledore gifs Hall of Fame Harry Potter literalism similar sounding suffix surname - 5259422976

Is That a Hybrid?

Harry Potter car petroleum wizard - 7401433088