Harry Potter

Harry Potter Puns, Amirite?

Harry Potter homophone double meaning - 7061901056
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Is There Such a Thing as a Right Weasley?

cosplay double meaning Harry Potter homophone impostor literalism Ron Weasley wrong - 5031199744
By atticpat


double meaning followers Harry Potter tumblr voldemort - 4655244544
By Unknown

Harry Potter and the Salamander of Azkaban

Harry Potter movies puns - 7997374208
By Unknown

The Horcrux of the Joke

cold Hall of Fame Harry Potter hole literalism obvious old prefix voldemort - 4747194624
By Unknown


Hall of Fame Harry Potter Indiana Jones literalism quote similar sounding snake snakes snape - 5028667648
By Unknown


addition apple equation Hall of Fame Harry Potter similar sounding snape - 6092217856
By Lucky810


batman Harry Potter Movie novel sew sirius black the dark knight the joker WHY SO SERIOUS yarn - 4106514944
By Jessica Green
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I'm Holding Out for Handlebar Potter, Personally

after before double meaning hairy Hall of Fame Harry Potter homophone literalism shaved - 5901554944
By Unknown

Cool Story, Badger

everyday-im-hustling Hall of Fame Harry Potter parody rick ross similar sounding song - 5150920704
By Unknown
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Badly Explained Movie Plots That Are Technically True

Spoilers that aren't really spoilers
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The Evilest Sloth

Harry Potter evil - 7268158720
By Unknown

Magic Wand: Casting Agent?

twitter Harry Potter puns funny - 7654829056
Via nowwearealltom

SMP CLASSIC: Dumbledoor

classic dumbledore Harry Potter literalism double meaning - 6684706048
By xyzpdq1

I Think You Brought Home the Ron Kind of Loaf

double meaning ginger Harry Potter literalism Ron Weasley - 6598252032
By _C_A_T_ (Via Humor Train)
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