Hall of Fame

The hall of fame - the pinnacle of achievement in whatever sport or activity you might participate in, even Tiddly Winks.

R.I.P. Primarily Digital Damon Albarn Side Project!

Hall of Fame homophones literalism - 6084665856
By imprefectlin


bison family goodbye Hall of Fame homophones lolwut parents son - 5394599168
By Unknown

SMP CLASSIC: Let's Just Hope You're Resourceful in Your Devotion

big classic double meaning fan Hall of Fame literalism - 6324098304
Via Reddit

You Wanna Know How I Got These Scars?

batman Hall of Fame joker similar sounding the dark knight WHY SO SERIOUS - 5896569088
By Unknown

He Drives Like He's Playing Twisted Metal

car double meaning driver Hall of Fame literalism screwdriver - 6134109184
By netsnets (Via Happy Smart Book)


bacon bacon strips double meaning Hall of Fame kevin bacon literalism strips - 5251738624
By Unknown

The Real Reason I Love Strip Clubs

change dancing Hall of Fame letter literalism missing letter poe pole - 6283783424
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It's Your Go-To Guide for Morning CARRRRdio

difference Hall of Fame Johnny Depp letter literalism pirates Pirates of the Caribbean replacement similar sounding - 4721085952
By JakeLim

Better Than Chuck Norris?

chuck norris Hall of Fame literalism muppets similar sounding - 4829198080
By A person (Via www.cracked.com)

Vincent Van Gotye

cut ear gotye Hall of Fame literalism lyric off somebody that i used to k somebody that i used to know Vincent van Gogh - 6349975040
Via Some Artsy Betch

The Only Desert I'll Never Try

dessert do not want Hall of Fame prefix - 5710270720
Via Final Ellipsis

Why Do I Even Have That Stupid Window?

answer double meaning Hall of Fame lolwut pointless question upset window - 5096718080
By BAM94

The Leaves Want No Part of it Either!

double meaning fan Hall of Fame homophone literalism well - 5907076608
Via Punblr

The Batman Always Means What He Says

batman gifs Hall of Fame literalism Movie title - 6307773440
Via Awkward Elevator
bad double meaning facepalm Hall of Fame joke lame make politics Video - 21364481

He Apparently Hasn't Heard This One...

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clog clogged clogs cyanide and happiness double meaning Hall of Fame literalism science worth it - 5588273152
Via Cyanide & Happiness
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