Hall of Fame

The hall of fame - the pinnacle of achievement in whatever sport or activity you might participate in, even Tiddly Winks.

You're Gonna Get Wingdinged for That Offense

font groan-inducing Hall of Fame homophone offense serif surname - 6079372032
Created by Raptor2213 ( Via Escapist Magazine )


Hall of Fame literalism need prefix problem rhyme rhyming texting t rex - 4825858816
Created by Unknown


fry futurama Hall of Fame inceptipun literalism meme Memes similar sounding triangle - 5255743744
Created by Unknown

They Grow Up So Fast These Days...

bison college Hall of Fame homophone homophones son - 5944539136
Via Reddit

Ernest Lemmingway

Hall of Fame literalism similar sounding surname - 6336676608
Via Reddit


Bronies Hall of Fame literalism my little pony pony prefix similar sounding - 6026190080
Created by Unknown

And Here You Thought We Were Washed Up!

brand double meaning Hall of Fame idiom laundry laundry detergent literalism tides turned - 6491689728
Via Pleated Jeans

He Was a Bit of a Health Nut

adolf hitler anxiety coffee Hall of Fame hitler ill similar sounding switch - 6134458624
Created by Derek Bryant


computer cookies Cookie Monster delete double meaning Hall of Fame internet option - 4611814656
Created by Unknown

At Least These LEGO Genders Are Distinct

Hall of Fame lego legolas literalism Lord of the Rings prefix similar sounding suffix - 6278813440
Created by NeilRashbrook


comic double meaning Hall of Fame hoe literalism lyric song superman - 5568461312
Created by Unknown


aladdin disney Hall of Fame homophones literalism lyrics magikarp Pokémon ride song - 5452037376
Created by Unknown

You See, Master Wayne...

burn carl sagan Hall of Fame literalism men quote rhyming similar sounding want watch world - 5854615552
Via Bouncing Dodecahedrons

Digging Your Own Grave

arrest crime guilty Hall of Fame oops pun punishment - 5127028736
Created by AWizardOnTheMoon ( Via www.hejibits.com )


addition apple equation Hall of Fame Harry Potter similar sounding snape - 6092217856
Created by Lucky810

The Only Things Missing Are Face Book and Goo Gull

comic facebook google Hall of Fame iphone literalism phone technology youtube - 4700327168
Created by pedretta
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