Hall of Fame

The hall of fame - the pinnacle of achievement in whatever sport or activity you might participate in, even Tiddly Winks.

Photographing All the Cosmic Party Rocks

cliché everyday Hall of Fame literalism Party rock shuffling similar sounding - 5923566080
Created by LOLdogexpert


barack obama csi miami donald trump double meaning Hall of Fame meme the who Theme Song - 4721971712
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Call of Duty

call double meaning Hall of Fame iphone literalism name - 5689257984
Created by Snake73

Sun Direction

baby gifs Hall of Fame lyric one direction sun - 6312890112
Created by Unknown

Or Just 'Sad'

Bad Joke Eel cow double meaning groan-inducing Hall of Fame jerk literalism - 5844718336
Created by me_gusta_man


angry child double meaning Hall of Fame ladder literalism prefix step step ladder - 5206426880
Created by Unknown

Carl Marks

double meaning Hall of Fame homophones literalism the simpsons - 6166545664
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Cruise Missile

cruise Hall of Fame literalism miss similar sounding too soon - 5710218240
Created by duguk

What's the Eevee for This Mission?

double meaning eevee evolution Hall of Fame homophone literalism Pokémon prefix - 5751639296
Created by oreoz314

But Not the Kind I Like

bottle double meaning Hall of Fame literalism scotch tape - 5068716032
Created by Unknown

He's Put on a Few Pounds Since Brawl...

attack captain falcon falcon falcon punch Hall of Fame literalism lunch move rhyme rhyming super smash bros - 4727502080
Created by CoffeeshopFrank ( Via www.levelupstudios.com )

Zombie Swagger

Hall of Fame hashtag similar sounding swag - 5971367680
Created by nickel.pl8ed

A Handy Guide for Punctuating Your Love Life

comma Hall of Fame homophone kama sutra literalism - 6456873216
Created by xyzpdq1

Help Me Obi-Pun Kenobi...

conversation facebook food Hall of Fame star wars status - 5677911296
Created by floatingpoint

He's a Very Obedient Boy

double meaning go Hall of Fame literalism misinterpretation outside play - 5251867648
Created by StormPooperSmith ( Via editorialcartoonists.com )

He's Happy You Came to His Wake!

bruce willis die hard double meaning Hall of Fame literalism Movie poster - 6466113024
Created by LordOfTheBinks