(White) House Music

abraham lincoln facebook variations on a theme bad puns - 6126412544
By King_Burgers

Touché, NPR

npr guacamole headline
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Witty Memes & Images For Humor Addicts

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After Being Hambushed, This Old Lady Wasn't Going to Let the Attacker Pigpocket Her

funny facebook image old lady beats off thief with bacon
Via GMP Trafford South

Anyone Want to Really Feel the Bern?

funny political image facebook group Burners for Bernie feel the burn pipe
Via BurnersForBernie

So How Does One 'Twitter' Then?

book doing it wrong face facebook literalism question twitter - 4773024768
By Unknown

Everything is Sexy

context double meaning facebook Hall of Fame innuendo literalism misinterpretation pickup lines - 5710868224
Via Punblr

Makes Sense, When You Think About It

answer double meaning facebook literalism pump question - 6621598464
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facebook oneupsmanship rock rocks rolling status stone - 4432581376
By Unknown

An Asian Buffet of Puns

variations on a theme similar sounding facebook names homophones countries - 6796543488
By Unknown

That Group Sounds Like a National Treasure to Me

status update facebook pr0n suffix - 6870509056
By Unknown

The Amount of Likes on This Post Just Keeps Going Up

elevator facebook sex status update variations on a theme - 6577142528
By Kevin Bacon
cringe, reddit, facebook, social media, facepalm, fail, toxic | knuckle tattoos misspelling you're next | FRIEND HAVE EXPLAIN OTHER FRIENDS BEFORE THEY MEET WNTO uh yeah hes really into airsoft and dressing up military stuff. no hes not military

20 Tough Guys Who Tried Very Hard To Seem Badass

Some people need to relax
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art creepy facebook internet puns - 3587224320
By muzition

The Body, The Blood, The Bread Machine

religion status update variations on a theme conversation similar sounding facebook bread - 7014991104
By Aristocles

This is the Kind of IT Issue You Deal With Every Day in Europe

variations on a theme conversation czech facebook homophone check - 7021756416
By solo-espero
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