Let's Set a Few Dates

vegetables puns facebook funny fruit - 7547139328
Created by GexAlmighty


facebook last name rhyme rhyming surname Tom Cruise - 4479814144
Created by dalton210

More Like Trawling

puns facebook funny - 7670199040
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Let's Get Some Facts 'Strate

variations on a theme facebook - 7130941952
Created by Unknown

Hashing Out the Gore-y Details

Al Gore an inconvenient truth facebook rhyme rhyming status update truth - 4705618432
Created by Renegade18

Live and Let Dry

laundry james bond puns facebook - 7951922688
Created by Unknown

The Story Line Doesn't Strike Me As Flexible...

facebook Movie oneupsmanship status stretch update - 4630213120
Created by Anna-MollyPolly


puns facebook coffee funny - 7690973440
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Way to School Your Friends, Green

conversation facebook ocean variations on a theme - 6364894976
Created by Dur-Elen


cow facebook literalism ludacris lyric move similar sounding song - 6078138880
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Help Me Obi-Pun Kenobi...

conversation facebook food Hall of Fame star wars status - 5677911296
Created by floatingpoint


art creepy facebook internet puns - 3587224320
Created by muzition

It's That Easy? Really?

button double meaning facebook fan literalism option - 4794147328
Created by xyzpdq1

The Hobbit: Some Unexpected Puns

status update variations on a theme conversation facebook - 6991906816
Created by rag218

Hooray... Friendship...

facebook Hall of Fame hand innuendo relationship solo - 5746448384
Via Punblr
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