Hey can I ass you a question? What's the big deal? Well if you're here already, check out the quality merchandise, and I don't mean the rear. Anything and anything having to do with the ass in all it's forms will be here to satisfy your cravings.

At Least He Urned His Title

ash ass comic Hall of Fame literalism longform similar sounding - 6263342848
Created by generalking ( Via Evil Inc. )

Studies Have Shown...

ass donkey double meaning lazy playing video games - 4765049088
Created by Unknown


ass contraction donkey math matrix - 4174613248
Created by KatDrama

He's Just Callin' 'Em As He Sees 'Em

ass birds donkey double meaning literalism - 5013747200
Created by Formyyaoi

And His Attorney's Name is Harold Balsagna

ass homophones huge surname - 5996463616
Created by Unknown
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