Lights, camera, action! It's movie night and time to take a look back at these favorite characters, and how funny they can really be.


film Movie peach similar sounding title winner - 4513476864
Created by Ryan Robinson


film Movie parody spoof - 4499454720
Created by Unknown

I Would Watch the Fork Out of This Movie

double meaning film Movie pan parody peter pan photoshop poster - 4712669952
Created by juliannajullies


famous film Forrest Gump Movie one quote run similar sounding - 4904018432
Created by Unknown


elevator Movie - 7104302336
Created by Unknown

The Batman Always Means What He Says

batman gifs Hall of Fame literalism Movie title - 6307773440
Via Awkward Elevator

That Scene With the Stairs Was Really Just a Testament to Her Amazing Flexibility!

exercise gifs Hall of Fame jumping literalism lolwut Movie poster similar sounding - 6018311168
Via Ninja Text


Blood Movie singing - 3448877824
Created by Unknown

A Far More Trying Test Than Archery

concept Hall of Fame literalism Movie poster repetition shoop hunger games - 6020564480
Created by micahthesewell

Suggestive Marquee is Suggestive

Movie suggestion - 7080721920
Created by Unknown


juxtaposition late Movie paradox photoshop poster title Video - 4795167744
Created by Unknown

Star Wars Episode VII (?????)

george lucas war star wars Movie literalism star stars - 7013879040
Via Joseph Asfoury

I Would Watch the Sh*t Out of This

franchise Hall of Fame literalism lolwut Movie name similar sounding - 5715355136
Via Reddit

'Looper' Sequel Just Announced!

bruce willis cereal juxtaposition Movie shoop - 6635787520
Via The Outside Joke


duck flying literalism Movie plane rhyme rhyming Samuel L Jackson snakes snakes on a plane title - 4343843584
Created by Dashy_Laice

Not Quite What Tony Scott Had in Mind...

Movie literalism gun - 6954982912
Created by ScienceDog
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