chipmunk double meaning FAIL homophones literalism - 4758584320
By Tox_Mace

And Here I Thought We Were Gonna Strip Nickelback of Their 'Worst Band' Title

band better comparison FAIL meme - 6525281536
By Unknown
funny and stupid DIY failures | toilet seat cover with a chunk taken off it to fit it next to a wall | stairs leading up to nowhere blocked by the ceiling

Weird, Bad and Absurd DIY Situations

Looks, uh, done.
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You're Also Mispronouncing That Name TERRIBLY

carl sagan FAIL Hall of Fame homophones saying similar sounding - 5876368384
By LOLdogexpert


dogs double meaning face FAIL high five ICWUDT literalism oops - 5622653440
By electrodinosaur

Oddly Enough, I Seem to be Uninterested

FAIL puns sign - 7850938880
By himynameisbuddy


FAIL lyrics parody single - 4170897920
By shinykitty144
Reddit revenge story about revenge on entitled Karen | r/IDontWorkHereLady u/poweredbyweirdhumor No, my husband wearing winter coat and carrying our 6 mo baby is not working here lady XL My husband is peaceful giant. He is 6 ft 5 and can look quite imposing even though he really is teddy bear. Never stressed or aggressive, never overreacting our raising his voice, just peaceful giant.

Canadian Man Humbles Shopping Karen

Oh she had to be humbled.
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A collection of totally random yet funny moments from the world of Tumblr | krisadilli get comfortable with people start using them as pillows and foot rests themindprobe get used as pillow or foot rest feel loved ashton-irwin-belongs am both these people Source: krisadilli 599,937 notes

Totally Random Tumblr Tidbits Of Pure Golden Proportions

Good old Tumblr.
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I Don't Think This Right is Limited to Soviet Russia...

arms bear FAIL Hall of Fame lolwut order right second amendment Soviet Russia switch twist - 5199395328
By Unknown


bridge FAIL goodbye jumping literalism suicide watch - 4535316992
By Unknown

I'll Falcon Kick You in the FACE for Not Knowing How to Spell Falcon!

double meaning FAIL football literalism team - 5531347200
By RDbrony16
A quick and funny Tumblr thread about a stupid Google question spiraling out of control | hedgehog-moss Follow started with asking an innocent question Google can tan front fireplace? Q Tous Images O Shopping O Vidéos answers were unanimously "no" but explanations were bit puzzling sun is not ball fire is ball hot stuff, but 's not like there's large pile wood at center flame

Ridiculous Google Question Spirals Out Of Control

Quick and dumb and hilarious.
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This is Why You Shouldn't Make Puns During Job Interviews

FAIL banana homophones peel interview - 7122071808
Via J. A. Henry
funny madlads jokes and weird pranks | AA mobile.twitter.com Home My kid being brat so de marshmallowed his lucky charms bag of plain cereal

Mad Lads Who Played By Their Own Rules

These lads are mad!
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bunch of funny memes and pics | Woman - Charity Beaver Vote Charity Name: Charity Beaver Age: 24 Occupation: Personal Trainer Why She's Finalist: This woman deserves votes her name alone. On top she's doing her part help women fit into their skinny jeans Archer City native moved Dallas last year an internship at Cooper Clinie, and she's managed make friends and build an impressive clientele short time. She divides her time between Cooper Dallas Country Club, and Equinox, but this lady isn't all

50 of the Most Miserably Unfortunate Names Ever to Bestowed Upon People

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