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Lifter Cleans The VHS Head

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Reality is Overrated, Batman

wtf mindwarp buildings batman funny - 7561372160
By xyzpdq1


wtf candles funny - 7793015808
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Daffaq is That?

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By xyzpdq1

This Guy Knows Style

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By butterflyperception

Technology Fueling Life

technology funny - 7629290496
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Maybe He's Born With It

wtf lobsters old timey funny - 7562346752
By Unknown

Man, The West Coast Changed You

wtf sandals funny - 7788402688
By Unknown

Computers Gotta Eat

wtf computers onions funny - 7601332992
By Unknown

Crab Apple

wtf crabs puns funny - 7575169280
By Flyprojector

An Interesting Way to Raise Your Eyebrow

wtf eyebrows Barbie funny - 7679115776
By Serrena


wtf cosplay crossdressing mirrors funny - 7634719232
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It Will Happen to Any Women, I Guess

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Flower Monster

wtf art monster flowers funny - 7651779328
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Lovely Couple

wtf Cats funny seems legit - 7613660928
By butterflyperception