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I Don't Think It's Going to Help

its a trap wtf funny - 7638945024
Created by Nathan_Curl ( Via Cheezburger iOS Builder )

Sweet Injuries

wtf funny seems legit - 7670629376
Via Unicorn Meat is Too Mainstream

Learn to Dance, Fast!

dancing wtf signs sonic the hedgehog funny sonic - 7455438848
Created by maxthedralf

Fruity Outfit

Babies wtf funny - 7727986688
wtf videos makes sense funny - 55182849

New Beginnings

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Who Doesn't?

christmas wtf funny - 7460051200
Via Ren And Stimpy

I Want to Be The Very Best

King of the hill funny Pokémon wtf - 7921347840

The Things I've Seen

wtf creepy dolls funny - 7601946624

My Line Needs a Snap

wtf funny - 7923048192
Created by LiveDog9999

Granny Ain't Having It

granny funny wtf - 7892491520


wtf bananas cars funny - 7446365440

This Furby Has Been Taking Life Kinda Hard

wtf cigarettes funny - 7435694848
Via Boys Who Look Like Molly Soda

This Stunt is Nuts

ouch wtf funny - 7702272768

Put Your Face on Your Hands

wtf art hands funny - 7686049536

These Soldiers Are Dolls

guns wtf creepy soldiers masks funny - 7722748160

Robotic Love

wtf gifs robots kissing funny - 7887470336