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Even Pigs Can Clean Up

wtf creepy masks funny - 7843336192

Hang In There

funny trees wtf - 7892492544

Art Likes Life

wtf art statues babes funny - 7788455680

Science Has Gone Too Far

wtf horse masks horses funny - 7742470400

Puppet Master

wtf costume puppets funny - 7749386752

How Badly Do You Want That Salmon?

wtf salmon funny - 7548827392
Created by lupinesangre

Shadow Magic,

monkeys wtf people funny - 7671042816

Clip Bag

wtf bags funny - 7466793728

Come to Cuddle Bear

bears couch giant funny wtf - 7916221696

Noah's House

boats funny wtf - 7908667648
Created by beernbiccies

Ever Had Your Coin Purse Take a Bite Out of You?

wtf teeth funny - 7833291520

Make Tweets, Not War!

wtf tanks birds funny - 7406854400
Created by Cyberkedi

Weird Mannequins in Japan? Who'd Think That?

wtf Mannequins creepy Japan funny poorly dressed g rated - 7859865600

Smoking is Huge in China

wtf China cigarettes puns smoking funny - 7522069504
Via Aids Trees

Meanwhile in Australia

spiders wtf funny - 7870223104

You Came To The Wrong Neighborhood If You Don't Like Furries

wtf furries funny - 7907025408
Via Ultrasphinxx
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