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Know Your Place

wtf kids hotdogs funny - 7885223424
Via Cheezburger iOS Builder

It's On Their Value Menu

wtf demons funny - 7672457216
Created by dose-that-trigger-you99 ( Via Ronald Knoxalicious )

Nice Hair Signal

funny wtf - 6925873920
Created by Unknown

They Must Be Listening to Music at Break-Neck Speeds

Music wtf funny - 7752381440
Created by Unknown

Soon Bananas Will Be Banned From Planes

guns wtf planes sad but true funny americana - 7752030464
Via Banana Syokunin

A New Species of Crab

wtf heads crabs funny - 7545376000
Via Follow The Fishies
wtf videos funny - 55954177

Thanks For The Memories

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The Bird People of Japan

wtf Japan funny - 7604485888
Via Google Maps

Mom And The Fam

monkeys wtf funny - 7579110144
Via Untitled1JPG

Looking Good

hair wtf funny - 7778874880
Via Flickr
wtf shadow videos shrek funny - 54585857

The Most Important Video of The Millenium

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Romney-San What is With Your Horns?

wtf Mitt Romney painting funny - 7400123392
Created by uglydollthud32 ( Via Cheezburger iOS Builder )

Computers Gotta Eat

wtf computers onions funny - 7601332992
Created by Unknown

When You See It

wtf fingers when you see it funny - 7816488960
Created by anselmbe
wtf videos funny - 51124993

Lifter Cleans The VHS Head

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Don't Mess With the Cat

cat advertisement Flower dogs funny - 7113486336
Created by WinterLove111
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