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Lights, camera, action! It's movie night and time to take a look back at these favorite characters, and how funny they can really be.

funny Movie nostalgia Video wtf - 42481409

ROFLrazzi: Best Worst Movie Death Scene Ever

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Do You Prefer the Book, Movie or Fruit?

book clock fruit Movie wtf - 5064645120
By -Ghost-

Beetles Dressed as Jurassic Park Characters

jurassic park Movie - 6665599232
By The_Fool_on_the_Hill (Via Etsy)


Movie wut sharks - 6738945024
By Unknown

Classic: Meanwhile in Hogwarts

gifs Harry Potter Movie - 7074963712
By Unknown

Alien Car

alien awesome best of week car Movie wtf - 5844012288
By butterflyperception

Right Hand Ring

Movie the ring - 7080113408
By Unknown

Giraffic Park

shopped pixels Movie jurassic park - 6947300096
By savannamia

I Wasn't Expecting This on My Commute

costume Movie Chucky Subway - 6866496512
By Unknown

I Find Your Lack of Spaghetti... Distubing

its a trap disney star wars Movie - 6738834432
Via Sofa Pizza

Southern Mystery...

Movie poster wtf - 4672694016
By xyzpdq1
Inception Movie Music Video - 35264257


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Dumbledore Takes the Bus

Harry Potter Movie dumbledore public transportation bus - 6751571456
By Unknown

Just Hanging With Some Friends

hanging out freddy krueger Movie friends - 6705012224
By Unknown

A Bark From Beyond?

heaven Movie wtf - 6368451840
By Unknown
best of week Inception mashup Movie Video - 36915969

Dumbception: We Must Go Dumber

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