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Lights, camera, action! It's movie night and time to take a look back at these favorite characters, and how funny they can really be.

What Are Those Feet Doing? ;)

best of week feet Movie wtf - 5512361472
By ThisIsAMeme


wtf Movie happy funny - 7530083328
By Nick_likes_Chicken

Is This What the New Movie Is About?

arm Movie muppets wtf - 5476275456
By butterflyperception

Michelangelo, Wat R U Doing?

TMNT SOON creepy Movie nightmare fuel - 6958503168
Via Tumblr

A Few Goodman

Movie wtf - 6095069184
By Unknown

Nick Pegg and Simon Frost

celeb Movie - 6532323840
By Unknown

Tard Vader

shopped pixels Movie darth vader - 6876194560
By Lepgeck

The Burgering

gifs Movie heres-johnny burger king - 6795539456
By Unknown

Get 'Em!

Movie twilight - 6871076608
By Unknown

Dumbledore Takes the Bus

Harry Potter Movie dumbledore public transportation bus - 6751571456
By Unknown
awesome Movie robots swords Video VideoIsUnrelated wtf - 10866945


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No Goomba Is Safe

mario Movie wtf - 5763230208
By Asciicodeplus

Classic: Alien Vs Predator, Like a Sir

chess sir Movie wtf - 6417502720
By butterflyperception (Via Benjamin Parry)

Sign Me Up!

star wars Movie - 6854943232
Via Reddit

Optimism, Always

best of week lion king Movie survival wtf - 6283531776
By butterflyperception

Gary Busey in Oz

Movie wizard of oz - 6619064576
Via Sole Struck Shoes (Source may contain obscene material)
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