Cringey, offensive and racist video clip from when Adrien Brody introduced Sean Paul on Saturday night live. Banned from SNL, cringe, jamaican accent, patois

This Offensively Unfunny Adrien Brody Bit Got Him Banned From SNL

It's easy to roll one's eyes at clueless people like Chet Hanks when they attempt patois. Dumb people are pretty great at being culturally insensitive. But sometimes, like when Adele wore that cringey carnival outfit , stars surprise us with their absolute idiocy. Today's offender is Adrien Brody. The critically acclaimed actor, best known for his work in the bleak Holocaust film The Pianist, is under fire after @snlhostsintro shared a clip from his 2003 appearance on Saturday Night Live . pic.…
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Woman who is a dietician writes a long and creative review of Brach's Turkey dinner candy corn, gross, gross food, bad food, lol, thanksgiving dinner, green beans, stuffing, coffee, turkey

Brave Dietician Reviews Brach's Turkey Dinner Candy

Some things shouldn't exist. And we can say without a shadow of a doubt that Brach's ‘Turkey Dinner' candy corn bags fall into that category. As a passionate hater of all things candy corn, this confection's existence shakes me to my core. And yet, it piqued my curiosity in a different way than Bertie Bott's Every Flavored Beans. Jelly Belly's take on a Harry Potter creation consists of their classically delicious flavors mixed in with some seriously heinous flavor profiles like vomit, earwax,…
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dolphin, sea, aquarium, wedding, rehearsal dinner, food, buffet, wtf, funny, funny twitter, viral

Dolphin Steals The Show At Aquarium Rehearsal Dinner

He wanted a plate
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dank memes, meme dump, funny memes, stupid memes, dumb memes, funny tweets, twitter memes, relatable memes, halloween, spooktober, funny, memes, lol, random memes

40+ Delightful Memes & Funny Random Tweets

Ready, set, scroll
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Funny and stupid question people asked on Quora | should do about my 19-year-old son? He's serious about 20-year-old girl same class at his university and do not approve him dating an older woman social norm is husband be older.

20+ Times Brainiacs Asked The Internet Some Extremely Dumb Questions

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Funny random memes and tweets

A Fairly Large Selection of Fairly Funny Memes

Have at 'em
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Funny dungeons and dragons memes, dnd, dnd memes, dank memes, funny memes, nerdy memes, d&D memes | Encounter behind door #1 Encounter behind door #2 Corporate needs find differences between this picture and this picture. DM They're same picture. The Office | DM says can certainly try mydnd20 stoplight with both the red and green light turned on

30+ Dungeons & Dragons Memes Full Of Nerdy Humor

Come and get 'em.
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Funny Photoshop trolls from James Fridman

50 Classic Photoshop Trolls From the Legendary James Fridman

He's a hero
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humor honest ads cracked cryptocurrency bitcoin ethereum Video binance dogecoin - 107474177

If Cryptocurrency Was Honest | Honest Ads

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cringe, embarrassing, wtf, facepalm, gross, stupid people, yikes, memes, social media, cringetopia, twitter, tiktok cringe, facebook, incels, zoomers

15+ Embarrassing People Who Need to Log Off Immediately

The cringe is real
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wedding, fail, bride, groom, wedding photographer, wedding photography, ex, name, lol

Wedding Photographer Makes Fatal Blunder After Calling Bride the Name of the Groom’s Ex

Bridezilla: Activated.
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work, job, career, office, slacker, confession, reddit, debate, coworkers

Corporate Slacker Confession Starts Debate On Usefulness Of White Collar Jobs

Sounds like the life.
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Funny random memes and tweets, dank memes, relatable memes, starter packs

A Menagerie of Memes With a Multitude of Themes

There's a little bit of everything in this one.
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office, work, relatable, relatable tweets, twitter memes, memes, work memes, employment, cubicle boredom, funny, twitter, buzzwords, coded language, bosses

Meme About Coded Work Language Provokes Relatable Office Job Discourse

Too accurate
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jobs, unemployment, employment, adulting, social media, twitter, twitter thread, funny tweets, relatable, quit, bosses, work

15+ Fed Up People Who Quit Their Jobs Without a Backup Plan

Sometimes a job can become so unbearable that you just snap
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female, women, relationships, logic, men, male, wtf, dumb, feminism

15+ Morons Who Have No Idea How Women Work

Because girls have cooties.
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