artist creativity eating inspiration internet Pie Chart sleeping work - 4447762432

Satisfaction Never Smelled So Sweet

bathroom humor Pie Chart pooping work - 5600141056
By Unknown

sh*t I'll Get Fired For

fired stealing truth work - 2109629696
By Scarlet_letterman84

What my coworkers do when e-mailed a job to do

pie charts work graphs funny - 7562129408
By User#7465928

grammar money people Pie Chart Starbucks university work - 3599287552
By Eddie6422

Appropriate uses for notepad during department meetings

meeting work notes Pie Chart - 7035548928
By Unknown

Chance You Will Return To That Dream You Were Just Having

au natural Bar Graph Blood dreams flying sexy shopping terror work - 2669583872
By Unknown

The Worst Office Ever

boss Maps Office the worst work - 6175774720
Via Pleated Jeans

Typical Situation

money never no typical venn diagram weekend work - 2664440576
By Jefftron

Snooze Button

Bar Graph snooze button work - 6583164928
By Unknown

Facebook Encounters

Awkward down facebook friends internet myspace parents Pie Chart social networking stalking text time twitter venn diagram websites work - 2803129344
By rmyoung

Shut Up and Internet

flow chart internet shut up sleep work - 6443088640
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Your Brain at Work

work coffee brain - 7000194048
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He Knows!

Bar Graph bosses self referential work - 5915267840
By Unknown

Meeting Length vs. Will To Live

good hours kill length Line Graph meeting suck work - 2662843648
By lizerdbits

Too Cute To Work

dogs Bar Graph puppies work cute - 7846034432
By Unknown