The Holiday Paradox

hate holiday love paradox people thanksgiving time venn diagram - 2519787776
By carpenihil

Times of the Day

time day night - 6674480128
Via Fbatsh

When Guests Arrive

arrive bar graphs bathroom early late time - 3159387136
By HTiger

You'll Miss the Climax if You Go

Bar Graph movies pee pop soda time - 4851711232
By emanedoc1

Amount of time it takes to get medicine at the pharmacy.

Bar Graph forever front me medicine person seconds time waiting - 3039055616
By youknowme121212

The Longer You Search, the Naughtier the Results Get

google Line Graph search time - 4795660032
By eatmorepossum

Happiness of your Dog vs. How long you've been gone.

dogs happiness minutes time - 2313007360
By Unknown

Money through Time

60s 80s 90s Line Graph money time - 3254964224
By knifewounds

Doesn't this graph kinda look like a car?

art car cars time vehicle - 1660662016
By bcampbell

Time she spends getting beautiful

beautiful cosmetics dates hours Line Graph makeup time - 2712528896
By jaoponeis

I Put the "Pro" in "Procrastination"

pro procrastination time work - 6013284608
By Unknown

Time on Computer Spent

ads computer load Pie Chart time waiting website - 2596274432
By Jenky

When Will We Forget?

forget kids Memes memory population time xkcd - 6510820352
By Unknown

Classic: Do I Have to Update Now?

computer time - 6440041472
By Unknown

Trash Graphed

garbage time trash waste - 6030917632
By Unknown

Lots of Time and Money Invested...

money time venn diagram win women - 5611294464
By Unknown