Happiness of your Dog vs. How long you've been gone.

dogs happiness minutes time - 2313007360
Created by Unknown

csi DNA Line Graph Movie real life time TV - 3408991744
Created by Unknown

And to Look Busy

check phone Pie Chart text time - 5009327104
Created by fabulousfeet96

clock face Pie Chart puns school teacher time - 4192687616
Created by littlenat

You'll Miss the Climax if You Go

Bar Graph movies pee pop soda time - 4851711232
Created by emanedoc1

The Holiday Paradox

hate holiday love paradox people thanksgiving time venn diagram - 2519787776
Created by carpenihil

Re-Plotted: College Is Harder Than I Thought!

best of week college Pie Chart professor time - 5315422976

Time spent playing Rock Band with my Sister

characters Pie Chart playing rock band sister time video games - 2549105664
Created by eMan2718281828

How fun Monopoly is Vs Time

board games entertainment fun monopoly time - 3694526464
Created by Unknown

Lots of Time and Money Invested...

money time venn diagram win women - 5611294464
Created by Unknown

When Will We Forget?

forget kids Memes memory population time xkcd - 6510820352
Created by Unknown

I Can't Sleep Under This Pressure!

clock insomnia Pie Chart sleeping time - 6422494208
Created by kveprek

Even the Weekends!

fun free time time venn diagram - 6842015744
Created by frostatios

Most Common Cell Phone Uses

call cell phone games texting time - 1680406272
Created by mana122

Money through Time

60s 80s 90s Line Graph money time - 3254964224
Created by knifewounds

Percent of Time Spent at Karaoke

dancing karaoke singing Songs time will smith - 1849927424
Created by alifa
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