Time on Computer Spent

ads computer load Pie Chart time waiting website - 2596274432
By Jenky

Level of Noise stairs make vs. How late you get home

falling fat guy late Line Graph noises stairs time - 2433159424
By Superdupermexican

Bed Time vs. Age

age bed early late old time young - 2330868992
By rmayt

Movie popcorn vs. Time

eating Line Graph Movie Popcorn previews quick start time waiting - 2986456320
By EliCarro

Time spent on a DVD

ads DVD Movie Pie Chart show time warning watching - 3219066624
By Spireal

business emoticon list time - 3329622272
By Exayevie

At Any Given Time of the Day, Someone is Watching a Sunset

time - 7888308992
By neomam

PEZ Candy

candy eating Pie Chart time - 2543261184
By Unknown

How You Pass the Time on Vacation

Pie Chart stress time vacation work - 6324054528
Via Happy Place

Chances of Quick Load of Youtube Videos

computer load quick refresh seconds slow time videos youtube - 2219021056
By Unknown

Knowledge vs Time

end exam first knowledge lecture Line Graph time - 3031176960
By turbominkia

Time spent playing Rock Band with my Sister

characters Pie Chart playing rock band sister time video games - 2549105664
By eMan2718281828

Time it takes to use self-checkout at Walmart

Bar Graph before person self checkout time use Walmart wal mart you - 3215501312
By organfleisch

Amount of time it takes to get medicine at the pharmacy.

Bar Graph forever front me medicine person seconds time waiting - 3039055616
By youknowme121212

game Pie Chart time - 4136652800
By Natinov

Re-Plotted: College Is Harder Than I Thought!

best of week college Pie Chart professor time - 5315422976
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