Time Spent on the Computer

bills channels computer internet pay research shopping time weather - 1970854144
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Doesn't this graph kinda look like a car?

art car cars time vehicle - 1660662016
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9 Clock

best of week clock math nerd time - 6461579520
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Time on Computer Spent

ads computer load Pie Chart time waiting website - 2596274432
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Project Accomplishement Schedule

avoid fear project schedule time worry - 2297572096
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When Will We Forget?

forget kids Memes memory population time xkcd - 6510820352
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Where Does the Time Go

time school venn diagram social life sleeping Jedi - 6752043520
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Times of the Day

time day night - 6674480128
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Bar Graph razor shaving time weeks - 4443360768
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Enjoy It While It Lasts

Pie Chart time weekend work - 5382839808
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Time Spent Flying Kites

flying Pie Chart running swearing time - 3220868608
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Babies Line Graph me time - 4132630528
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A Minute Is a Relative Measurement

internet Pie Chart time websites - 4622115584
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Most Common Cell Phone Uses

call cell phone games texting time - 1680406272
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And to Look Busy

check phone Pie Chart text time - 5009327104
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On Second Thought Honey, I'm Not Taking Your Name

annoying legal names time venn diagram - 4993441536
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