An Endless Cycle

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By Unknown

Things Parents Do When Their Kids see Animals Mating at the Zoo

animals kids parents zoo - 1585301760

Most Importantly, A Movie Deal

Harry Potter movies parents Pie Chart - 4374068480
By TSolomon311

What parents will do when their child wants a mature video game

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By Unknown

Middle Seats Are Like Ghost Towns

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By Ben

No, Mom, You Can't See My Facebook

Awkward internet parents Pie Chart - 4792446976
By Unknown

Things parents don't want their kids to see

Bar Graph Blood change channel cleavage gore kids language no parents see - 2709806848
By midknight8

everyone parents reason religion - 3337976576
By Msilva827

Your Secret's Safe With Me

Awkward Bar Graph friendship is magic my little pony parents shame - 4701494016
By jiyuukage115

When You Should Start Dating According To

age Bar Graph dating disney channel never parents school start - 2609070336
By Spartan004

Sensitivity of My Hearing VS. Circumstance

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By wintermaiden

Why Feeding Kids is Hard

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By David Coveney (Via David Coveney)

When being called by parents while playing video games

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By TheYellowHat

Cost of Video Games

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By Unknown

Chances the Gay Guys Living in the Apartment Next Door are Having Sex

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By gdawg99

Why My Dad Is Lame

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By ditzydoo