Chances of your parents walking in while you're watching a film

Bar Graph boring dialogue film head important parents sex walking watching - 3113993984
By Omegastick

Reasons I order spicy food

kids parents Pie Chart - 6515617280
By Unknown

family language parents Pie Chart swearing - 4060129536
By ignus34

Chances the Gay Guys Living in the Apartment Next Door are Having Sex

eating food gay ipod parents sex sleep - 1809263872
By gdawg99

Click Here! You Just Won a Free Virus!

annoying blame computer parents Pie Chart problems - 4697490944
By Unknown

Bar Graph children nap parents sleeping - 3821611520
By Sarbear72

When Your Ipod is Charged

always charge drive find ipod lost need never parents - 3306796800
By untitleddocument

Facebook Encounters

Awkward down facebook friends internet myspace parents Pie Chart social networking stalking text time twitter venn diagram websites work - 2803129344
By rmyoung

apathy laugh learning lecture parents Pie Chart - 4108162816
By Unknown

Mommy and Daddy Love You

age Bar Graph lies love parents - 4350624000
By Unknown

Good Thing I'm a Daddy's Girl

parents Pie Chart - 4750436608
By Unknown

Every Parent Ever:

Bar Graph kids parents - 6991123968
Via Bite

Most Importantly, A Movie Deal

Harry Potter movies parents Pie Chart - 4374068480
By TSolomon311

College Life

college culture discovery drinking independent learning mistakes napping parents sleeping smoking study - 1848110848
By HongKongCandy

Things Parents Do When Their Kids see Animals Mating at the Zoo

animals kids parents zoo - 1585301760


best of week moms paranoia parents - 5728599296
By Unknown
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