"Oh, She's Just Shy"

friends hide old people parents Pie Chart - 5068731648
By AndreeaBeloane

Your Secret's Safe With Me

Awkward Bar Graph friendship is magic my little pony parents shame - 4701494016
By jiyuukage115

Sensitivity of My Hearing VS. Circumstance

graphjam parents situational humor traffic work - 1706330880
By wintermaiden

Why Does That Guy Have the Word 'Fap' All Around Him?

fapping parents Pie Chart - 5544694528
By TheWarrior

See Also: Staring Vacantly

Babies college humor idiots parents stoners venn diagram - 4583437824
Via College Humor

answer battery dead drugs dying explanation family parents phone Pie Chart reasonable said teenagers trouble youth - 3373442560
By Unknown

What time I plan to get up vs. What time my 3-year-old son wakes up

Bar Graph child morning parents school sleep wake up - 2599784704
By jksterup

Why Go Home When You Can Go Back Home

apartment food house laundry parents - 6286620416
Via Laugh at Myself

"Whatever the Hell Your Name Is"

mom name parents Pie Chart - 5292449024
By lunateeawr

When Your Ipod is Charged

always charge drive find ipod lost need never parents - 3306796800
By untitleddocument

Just Wait for Those Jolie-Pitt Babies to Grow Up

celeb famous parents Pie Chart - 5221918208
By jmoskwa99

My *supposed* life

venn diagrams graphs funny parents - 7622436096
By TheYellowHat

Posting Without Parents

facebook google parents Pie Chart - 5386421504
By Unknown

Chances of your parents walking in while you're watching a film

Bar Graph boring dialogue film head important parents sex walking watching - 3113993984
By Omegastick

Why Feeding Kids is Hard

kids parents toddlers venn diagram - 6374478592
By David Coveney (Via David Coveney)

Child's Estimate of Parents' IQ

adult age children IQ Line Graph parents teenage - 2517288704
By fdes