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How much I care about ultimate frisbee

adult care child college Line Graph love student teen - 2424923904
By tseliot

Looks Like Their Seasons are Devolving Before Their Eyes!

Line Graph cartoons television ratings - 7849506560
By ptdspoofer

How Good You Think You Are At Singing VS Actual Ability

ability American Idol awesome choir concert good Line Graph listening shower singing song - 2560155904
By NinjaParakeet


facts information Line Graph useful - 6205762048
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chew flavor food gum Line Graph paper seconds taste time - 3457097728
By sidelsky18

The Flight of the Worker Bee

alone boss computer infographic Line Graph mouse Office - 4576701184
By Unknown

How Useful Math Is

school Line Graph numbers math - 6979980032
By Unknown

Graphed Trufax

comic sans instagram Line Graph nickleback - 6544401664
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How College homework works

college homework Line Graph school - 6588132096
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Singing To Music In The Car

car concert driving fast freeway Line Graph singing Songs street words - 2473040640
By KingCrizzo


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By jb0590

fridge Line Graph nom - 3838149632
By cannibal_fishy

Lightsabre Graph

color light saber Line Graph movies star wars - 5837941504
By Jonathan Martin

Mom Always Wants to Know When You're Getting Married

dating Line Graph meh sweet time - 4947459840
By oreoz314


news Line Graph depression - 7019992320
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I Think You Mean Greater Than?

age birthday intelligence Line Graph math - 4287825920
By SilverSunlight