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After That, Your Face Just Melts Off

Charlie Sheen drinking Line Graph - 4556398592
Created by ajil2592

Exam Night Anatomy

studying anatomy school Line Graph stress test college - 6791665920
Via I Love Charts

emoticon face Line Graph - 3586925056
Created by Unknown

Time to Layer Up ALL Your Wind Breaking Jackets

Line Graph weather winter - 7992140032
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Time for Bed

enjoyment Line Graph talk shows - 4527245312
Created by StarsHallelujah

When the bomb will be disarmed in a movie/tv show

Line Graph movies tv shows - 3154994944
Created by Little-J-97

Drunk vs Funny

drunk Line Graph - 6458571008
Created by Unknown

President's Popularity

Line Graph president politics - 5234298112
Created by StarsHallelujah

GTFO My Kitchen

food kitchen Line Graph taste - 6210437376
Via Life Hacker

Beard, Y U So Itchy!

actual beard itch Line Graph - 5578344704
Created by Unknown

The Money Really Goes to Their Heads

celeb Line Graph money names stupid - 5868600576
Created by this1dcegirl

Relevancy of Ferris Bueller's Day Off to High School Students

80s 90s high school Line Graph movies present relevance - 2527197184
Created by kaitoukat

While the Probability of Saying Something Stupid Increases

ability best of week girls Line Graph stupid talking - 5432979712
Created by Unknown

It's Breakfast Time Somewhere

breakfast cereal Line Graph midnight snack - 4575479808
Created by zoomonick


swag Line Graph yolo - 7939667712
Created by Unknown

The Challenges of Pet Photography

batteries button camera cute finger Line Graph pets photography room waiting - 2956083200
Created by tr1c14
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