Line Graph

Go Study in a Dungeon

internet Line Graph procrastination studying - 4741473792

Usefulness of Shotgun in Video Games

call of duty halo Line Graph video games zombie - 2540951040
By allornone

dentist eating floss food Line Graph lying - 4227268096
By Unknown

What I think of when Graph Jam says "Pick a Flavor"

bacon equation flavor graphjam Line Graph Pie Chart venn diagram - 2063929600
By hellojilli

Line Graph microwave Popcorn - 3975621376
By nevillewearsprada

Child's Estimate of Parents' IQ

adult age children IQ Line Graph parents teenage - 2517288704
By fdes

When you work on summer reading

bored boring happiness Line Graph package post Pie Chart reading school summer time vacation - 3404009216
By Unknown

House vs. Real Life

best of week drama hospital house Line Graph - 6210445824
Via I Love Charts

How I Feel About My Dorm Room

bad cool dorm great home Line Graph room weekend weeks - 2726341120
By Greygirlie

The Evil Dead Trilogy

Movie Line Graph - 5293484288
By jevinjay

One Time I Tried, I Got Hit by a Slinky Going Down at Double Speed

Line Graph running - 6130327040
By qwerty42 (Via xkcd)


Line Graph rage - 5562575360
By Geoclasm

Three-Star ALL the Levels!

angry birds Line Graph graphs funny - 4488556288
By Unknown


facts information Line Graph useful - 6205762048
Via I Love Charts

Healthiness of food vs. cost of food

cost debt doctor expensive food free hurt kill Line Graph lose no weight - 2731673344
By Aqp

How Good You Look

Line Graph luck ugly - 6519606272
By Anurepa
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