Line Graph

Universal Experience

Line Graph rage technology - 3929540352
By Unknown

A Completely Accurate Reaction-Graph

Line Graph - 7882169344
By flippingtables

Amount of makeup a female wears by age.

adult child cosmetics Line Graph makeup orange teenage - 2517829888
By Unknown

Interestingly, My Abilities Are the Inverse

driving fear Line Graph mother paranoia - 4641116672

Babies Line Graph me time - 4132630528
By dangerroth

Line Graph Photo school yearbook - 3845232640
By Unknown

How Was All of That Inside of You?

baby gross Line Graph parenting towel - 4994353408
By michaelgschaffer

clothes fashion Line Graph pants - 3882664704
By poofie11223344

Nice Skill Set

fame Line Graph science sex skills - 4401882880
By Unknown

Vehicle I Expected To Have At Age 33

adult age kid Line Graph minivans teen vehicles - 2677305088
By jsiegendorf


Line Graph clothes - 6940610560
By kitteh_pleaz (Via Columnfivemedia)

So True

Line Graph simpsons TV - 6568268032
By Unknown

It's Elementary, My Dear America

Line Graph memory school - 4510402304
By ilikepi3141592653589

And Yet, I Keep Chewing

chewing flavor gum Line Graph taste time - 6438587648
By 013594


school major engineering graduation Line Graph - 6696089344
By Unknown

Success is...

age friends Line Graph money old pants peeing sex success teen young - 3010580224
By Red15nukes