No One Cares

annoying digits pi scientists - 5145640960
By kikinuy

Cell Phone Ringtones

annoying cell phone Music pop pop stars ringtones technology - 1635064064
By CommanderPanda

Garbage Comedians

annoying venn diagram - 6003586560
By buckles_b (Via

Not Pictured: Guy Who Laughs Loudly During Movie on Red-eye

annoying chart art flying planes - 4552684544
By Ixia

What's Your Elf Name?

christmas annoying - 7934555648
By Unknown

annoying commercial headache Pie Chart repeat - 3879748864
By funky3000


annoying computers frozen Pie Chart - 5105614592
By Tom523

People Who Have Let The Dogs Out

annoying dogs Music Songs - 1396474624
By joeccooll

Yeah, Totally!

annoying i lied Pie Chart - 4896803840
By Unknown

What I'm thinking during Billy Mays Commercials

annoying commercials infomercial - 1734787328
By wacow45

The TV Volume Paradox

annoying Bar Graph csi dialogue game hockey important paradox plot shows TV volume weather - 3027970560
By Tipsy_the_Drunken_Fairy

Fans, How Annoying Are They?

annoying fans hannah montana heavy metal jonas brothers twilight - 2342159616
By HalloweenDog

I Click My Pens a Lot

annoying Bar Graph pens - 5985846016
Via I Love Charts

Please, Like I Didn't Already Know

annoying facebook messages Pie Chart - 4745286912
By madz33

It Was a Good Time for Them

90s annoying best of week love Pie Chart - 5327322624
By ericmcc13

Oh That's Probably Just a Butterfly Farting On My Car

alarm annoying car alarm check noise venn diagram - 5092301568
By b0nfire-