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I Click My Pens a Lot

annoying Bar Graph pens - 5985846016
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Your Face Is About to Be Art

annoying art conversations Line Graph - 5219500544

It Was a Good Time for Them

90s annoying best of week love Pie Chart - 5327322624
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Thoughts When A Car Alarm Goes Off

annoying car car alarm Pie Chart - 2713421312
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Can't You See I'm In the Zone?

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Becoming a Pop Sensation: A Guided Journey

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How Adults Feel About Teens By Location

Bar Graph teens high school adults annoying - 6674780672
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If I Own Any of Your Products, I'm Throwing Them Out

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Topics when discussing Lady GaGa

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Maybe the most annoying

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Sudden Itch

annoying hygiene Pie Chart - 4673474816
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No One Cares

annoying digits pi scientists - 5145640960
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Whatever You Say, Lord Inglip

annoying humans pictures Pie Chart robots words - 4541966848
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Shake Vigorously and Dismantle the Pen, Losing the Spring in the Process

annoying Office pens Pie Chart school writing - 4664965632
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What I'm thinking during Billy Mays Commercials

annoying commercials infomercial - 1734787328
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