Replotted: Seriously, it's annoying...

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By freakconformist

Maybe the most annoying

annoying looking Pie Chart - 6983641856
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Extra Olives, Please?

annoying lettuce Pie Chart sandwich Subway - 5133612544
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I Liked Hipster Kitty Before It Was Mainstream

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By Tom523

Whatever You Say, Lord Inglip

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By NotMakingSense

Um, Guys?

annoying Bar Graph loud neighbors noise - 4699796736
By Dragonjimd

Don't Tell Me It's Because I Want to Marry My Mother

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By Scampers36

And Then She Ignores You

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Not Pictured: Guy Who Laughs Loudly During Movie on Red-eye

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If I Own Any of Your Products, I'm Throwing Them Out

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By kilulafo

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By PokerCat

I Click My Pens a Lot

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