I'm Looking at You, Uber Frosh

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By Unknown

What I'm thinking during Billy Mays Commercials

annoying commercials infomercial - 1734787328
By wacow45

No One Cares

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By kikinuy

Replotted: Seriously, it's annoying...

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By freakconformist

Like, Duh

annoying like Pie Chart speech - 5277367296
By CharlesTheFanOfQuestionsIII

It's Probably Just Your Mom Thinking You're Dead

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By Unknown

Maybe I'm a Bio-Engineer, Ever Consider That?

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By Tanvir

The Girl Paradox

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By gilgatex

You'll Never Feel It Vibrate

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By Danielol

Learn to Take a Hint

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By danielfillmore

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By miz_reesez

Don't Burn the Bacon!

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By popiop4

Whatever You Say, Lord Inglip

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By NotMakingSense

He's Just Trying to Help

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By Unknown

On Second Thought Honey, I'm Not Taking Your Name

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By eva_m (Via

Topics when discussing Lady GaGa

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By hrdcrnwo