Grandpa No

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A funny Tumblr post about how kids should be able to play with Barbies and toy trucks | fallen-angel-with--shotgun went Renaissance faire dressed as warrior. Thad real sword with too standing character) next sword-fighting ring, where kids all ages got chance pick up sword and challenge champion. Some woman walks by, with her little girl girl starts walking towards ring, saying she wants fight. But mom pulled her away hella sharply, and like s boys.

Tumblr Thread: Anyone Can Be A Formidable Foe

This is so true.
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The Pinnacle of Classy

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Reason #185903 to Not Be Facebook Friends With Your Parents: They'll Embarass the Hell Out of You During a Breakup

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Parents on Facebook, Please Don't Embarrass Your Kids Like This

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Mom gets tricked into praising her kid's cooking skills | r/pettyrevenge u/ThrowRA-Barber Tricked my mom into finally admitting my cooking good been enrolled cooking school over year and my mom, she's never been supportive. Because dropped out nursing program get into cooking school. She's always making snide comments about should've been nurse or lawyer, or only ever be subservient housewife with this, and do make something, she always crizicizes Like she's Gordon Ramsay or something

Mom Gets Tricked Into Praising Kid's Cooking

Mom got blindsided.
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Facebook: Home to Amazing Maternity Photos

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TIFU thread about kid who asked parents about divorced and found out it was his fault

Kid Asks Mom Too Many Questions About Her Divorce, Learns They Played Instrumental Role In Separation

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This Mom Was Trying to Sing a Birthday Song to Her Baby Son, But Was Loudly Interrupted by Dad Swearing at the Seahawks-Packers Game

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Dad quotes on Twitter that are cheesy on the humor and full of cringe.

48 Dad Quotes That'll Make You Instantly Facepalm

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Mom Drama on Facebook is Never Not Awkward

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Brave or Crazy? Watch This Father Put His Hand in a Hole Full of Spiders

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C'mon Now, Pops...

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"Great, Now I'm All Wet for Nothing!"

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My Bad... Sir

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Funny tweets, relatable tweets, random tweets, twitter memes, comedy, comic, parenting, dating | logan @brainwxrms IOVA imagine being girl and having keep an extra pair underwear ur car just case some dude revs his truck up at stop light

29 Clever & Relatable Tweets For Short Attention Spans

Short and sweet, baby.
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