Dad wants a free painting, gets turned down, and then won't pay the babysitter | Hi went pick up kids today saw had some empty canvas am looking gift my wife family portrait seen style and like wondering if be down could gift us as Christmas present love paint guys but saving those canvases have something on my mind. Or have paid commission. They're gallery style and are quite expensive at moment could probably paint them portrait fairly cheap if can get provide canvas yourself.

Dad Wants Free Painting, Gets Turned Down, Won't Pay Babysitter

These people are actually real.
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Grandpa No

Entitled parent wants public artist to make piece for kid | not gonna pay just want my kid find will be organic l just need make sure put out sometime will be there and can run down and grab Unfortunately defeats purpose project, which is providing random art unsuspecting individuals find do place clues as soon as pictures are claimed can also donate one preferred charities and send receipt, and mail two and cover cost shipping and all. If like place one those out and lead child them can! My

Entitled Parent Demands Public Artist Make Art for Them

There are a few lapses in reasoning right here.
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An Equestionable Name

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Mahm, Pls

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Don't Worry, Mom's Got Your Back!

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People describe various downsides to being an adult in an AskReddit thread | soundecember Award ordering food is actually expensive and parents weren't lying

Total Downsides About Being An Adult

Adulting ain't all it's made out to be.
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Yeah Mom, Real Swell

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Mom Drama on Facebook is Never Not Awkward

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Dad Pls

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"Great, Now I'm All Wet for Nothing!"

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A 19-Year-Old Had His Grandmother Post This on His Public Wall

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Funny tweets, relatable tweets, random tweets, twitter memes, comedy, comic, parenting, dating | logan @brainwxrms IOVA imagine being girl and having keep an extra pair underwear ur car just case some dude revs his truck up at stop light

29 Clever & Relatable Tweets For Short Attention Spans

Short and sweet, baby.
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Baby Number Two

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This Video Will Make You Laugh, Cringe, Cry, And Call Your Parents

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TMI, Dad!

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