overprotective army mom

This Overprotective Army Mom is About to Make Her Son's Life a Load Worse

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"Haha Yea"

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karen objects to her son getting married during the wedding ceremony cringeworthy fail

Karen Objects At Son's Wedding

Get it together, Karen.
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"Great, Now I'm All Wet for Nothing!"

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A 19-Year-Old Had His Grandmother Post This on His Public Wall

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funniest parenting tweets of the week - thumbnail | Text - Lauren Flans @LaurenFlans the orphan i adopted sucks at chess fml 8:07 AM Nov 13, 2020 · Twitter for Android 20.7K Retweets 2.1K Quote Tweets 293.5K Likes >

Funniest Parenting Tweets Of The Week (November 15, 2020)

The funny parents of Twitter
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Mahm, Pls

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PSA to All Sons Out There: Don't Be Like This

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The Pinnacle of Classy

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Parent forces their vegan daughter to cook meat after she tosses their chili | AITA forcing my vegan daughter cook meat? Not hole My daughter (16F) has been vegan about year my husband and her brother (14M) have tried be as supportive as possible aren't family eats meat daily, so wasn't hard accommodate her do cook meat also make something else her and keep side dishes common all. She does have some seperate dishes, but most are common and clean if have cook her.

Parent Forces Vegan Daughter To Cook Meat

What a waste of food.
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Reason #185903 to Not Be Facebook Friends With Your Parents: They'll Embarass the Hell Out of You During a Breakup

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Wake 'n' Bake, Son!

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Dad wants a free painting, gets turned down, and then won't pay the babysitter | Hi went pick up kids today saw had some empty canvas am looking gift my wife family portrait seen style and like wondering if be down could gift us as Christmas present love paint guys but saving those canvases have something on my mind. Or have paid commission. They're gallery style and are quite expensive at moment could probably paint them portrait fairly cheap if can get provide canvas yourself.

Dad Wants Free Painting, Gets Turned Down, Won't Pay Babysitter

These people are actually real.
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TIFU thread about kid who asked parents about divorced and found out it was his fault

Kid Asks Mom Too Many Questions About Her Divorce, Learns They Played Instrumental Role In Separation

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awkward group chat

Guy Gets Caught In the Middle of An Extremely Awkward Group Chat With His Parents

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Mother of the Year

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