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You'd Have an Easier Time Finding a Needle in a Haystack

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They're All "Stone" Deaf

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Inquiring Minds Would Like to Know

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"Sir, I'm Going to Need You to Stop Doing That... Please?"

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There's a Perfectly Good Reason for All of This!

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Wanna Be On Top?

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The Trolling of '69

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Stahp Changing the Background!

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You See, There's Water, And Then Underneath It, There's a Graveyard...

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Any Deeper and You'd Be in the South

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I Mean, "New" York? Come on, Guys!

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These Puns are Historical

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A funny Tumblr thread about the intelligence of dwarves beards | deluxeloy Theory: So know dwarves have thing with beards if 's not just cultural standard or mere coincidence if there's reason? See, dwarves like dig lot. They build underground homes, and there's nothing more rewarding them than digging up some gems or valuable metals. But chipping away at all rock and disturbing all earth kicks up lot dust and dirt. If do every day without proper breathing protection which Ancient Dwarves

Tumblr Thread: Dwarves Beards Are Too Smart

Not fair.
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Very formal indeed

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