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I Mean, "New" York? Come on, Guys!

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Ah, Yes, the EAGLE Ceremony!

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Two Limits Diverge in a Calculus Book...

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Tumblr Gets Smart

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tumblr history

Tumblr Teaches History Better Than Any Professor Ever Did

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A collection of funny posts about various stomach-turning, cursed food items.

Cursed Food Creations From The Shadow Realm

Yeah, hard pass for me on these.
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When Will the Madness Stop?

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Created by stephenwood51

Please Send Link

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TL;DR Wikipedia

TL;DR Wikipedia Summarizes Wikipedia Articles So You Don't Have to Read Them All

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Humans Are Super Advanced

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Squeeze One Out for Us, John

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Git Gud, Skrub


Hey, Whatever Works for Ya...

plants tumblr Deal With It - 7592096000
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Silence of the Rack of Lamb

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How Dare You?

pizza wife tumblr How Dare You?
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Humans ARE That Advanced

humans tumblr - 8269007104
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