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Ooh Snap!

tumblr pizza police - 8271500544

Clearly Soulmates

creepy meeting train tumblr - 6351350272

Hey, Whatever Works for Ya...

plants tumblr Deal With It - 7592096000
Funny back-and-forth conversation between mother and daughter where they post photos of Nicolas Cage in odd places for each other to find

Troll-y Mom Declares 'Nicolas Cage War' On Her Unsuspecting Daughter

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Funny tumblr moments | pteapotdactyl weareallfromearth Follow getlitaesthetic Follow Today 10:12 want 6 pet sloths so can name them after every sin except sloth Today my wife texted this, and then immediately called make sure got because an urgent message Source

Random Funny Tumblr Gems to Fill Those Pockets

Oh, that hits the spot.
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D'aww, What a Cute Wittle Puppy!

dogs tumblr gifs - 8365479424
Via I Raff I Ruse


languages tumblr Germany france yes - 7756308224

When Will the Madness Stop?

420 tumblr blaze it weed - 8101389312
Created by stephenwood51

Ohh Yep!

sex tumblr dirty talk - 7610415872

Had to Switch Contracts

god tumblr - 8404489472

Pls Halp

image captcha tumblr Pls Halp
Via brightness

Right There

tumblr space - 7029378816
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I'll Order You With Extra Garlic Butter

dominos pizza tumblr pizza dominos - 8375414272

The Trolling of '69

tumblr Yahoo Answer Fails - 5008014848
Created by premonitioner ( Via )


gifs tumblr - 8170899200

Ssshhh, No Tears...

tumblr swearing - 7867103744
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