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Funny tumblr thread about wholesome boys will be boys moments, frat guys

Tumblr Thread Shares Wholesome 'Boys Will Be Boys' Moments

Spoiler alert: Frat guys aren't all bad.
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Funny Memes about soup, soup season, soup season memes, humor, tweets, tumblr

Soup Memes For the Height of 'Soup Season'

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Funny Marvel memes, tweets, and tumblr posts

Marvel Memes For Fans Old and New

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Golden Posts From Deep In The Tumblr Mine

Humor like nowhere else.
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Funny memes dank memes lol, funny tweets, twitter thread

20+ People Share Memes That Never Fail to Make Them Lose It

Very good. Very dumb.
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Tumblr thread about men and women friendship, relationships, incels

Fascinating Tumblr Thread Discusses the Depressing Dynamics of Male/Female Friendships

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Funny memes and tweets, tumblr posts

Text-Based Humor For People Who Read Good

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Funny Facebook posts that demonstrate how strange translations from English into other languages can be | English: Monday Polish: English: stop this Polish: The Day After The Day You Do Nothing On 9

Literal Translations That Prove Language Is Illogical

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Funny random memes and tweets, twitter, relatable memes, depressing memes, nerdy memes, tumblr

A Healthy Mix of Moderately Amusing Memes

Get your meme on.
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Cringe Memes, Dank Memes, Funny Memes, Funny Comments, Facepalm, Epic Fail, Facebook Comments | Hewwo Do have giwlfwiend Owo Nope Hehehe *curls up ball and pisses own mouth while making direct eye contact | stuffed Imao completely demolished these wings

24 People Who Are The Champions Of Cringe

Oh hell no
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Funny tumblr posts

Just A Big Old Serving Of Titillating Tumblr Tidbits

It's a wild world
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40+ Stupid Memes Because Nothing Really Matters

Memes to help you through
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funny memes about law, crime, legal system, criminal law, tumblr, tumblr posts, tweets, funny tweets, courtroom, judge | sextronautt can lawyers argue without crying lightspeedsound am lawyer and let tell gets like super close dude Source: sextronautt 1,277,233 notes

Funny Memes That Live At The Intersection Of Law And Crime

Lots of criminal dumbness in this dump.
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20+ Highlights And Hijinks From The Recesses Of Tumblr

Fun fun fun
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funny tumblr, tumblr memes, funny tweets, twitter memes, funny memes, memes, funny posts, clever | actual heck @jazz_inmypants 's funny spotify ads try get buy peloton bike or tickets broadway show like buddy if had 5 extra dollars why would be listening commercials right now | unfollower peekaboo is essentially just making fun babies not understanding object permanence hamfootsia made fun babies less 403,395 notes

Clever Posts From The Poets Of Tumblr & Twitter

Text posts can be memes too
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Funny and interesting texts and Tumblr posts

Textual Posts From the Minds of Tumblr & Twitter

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