Art of Trolling


sports list trolling butts facebook football - 601349

Michigan Athletics' Facebook Pages Get Hacked and It's All About the Booty

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Merry Birthday, Friends

christmas easter trolling - 5473862912
Created by Unknown
scientology trolling

Scientologist Gets Trolled HARD After Texting The Wrong Number

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You're Welcome

trolling signs image - 8989241600
Via distinguishedbaloney
A collection of hilarious photoshop trolls from the master, James Fridman | love work and woundering could u make my arms look bigger this picture thank u keeo up good work man with long gorilla arms

Hilarious Photoshop Trolls From The Masterful James Fridman

Top notch work, James.
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Trauma Cycle

gifs kids trolling - 8757028608
Created by tamaleknight

Who Doesn't Want to Drink a Minty Fresh Soda Volcano?

image trolling mentos Who Doesn't Want to Drink a Minty Fresh Soda Volcano?
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trolling trolltube Video - 60030977

This Kid Should Get Off GMod and Go Back to Call of Duty

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trolling How To prank Video - 75550721

5 Easy Bottle Pranks

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The Tale of the Knock Knock Joke

jokes trolling failbook - 7579798272
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Hook, Line, and Sinker

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Trollin' VA

cars IRL license plate trolling virginia - 4412930560
Created by Unknown

How to Get Kicked Out of Wal-Mart in One Easy Step

Walmart gifs trolling - 7150380032
Created by Emi_Chan
trolling someone with the same number

Guy Casually Drops Full Name of Wrong Number Caller, Proceeds to Troll Him to Perfection

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funny trolling history moments | danielokane 17.2k points 20 hours ago 3 3 3 3 Mozart didn't like this singer so much he 2 wrote piece her with high and low notes constantly because he noticed she hit low notes her chin went her chest and she hit high notes her head would fling back. So like she bobbing like chicken

Some of the Great Trollings of History

Nice one, Mozart.
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list trolling model - 902149

Guy Trolls His Male Model Friend by Imitating His Pictures

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