Art of Trolling


trolling phone conversation troll prank - 44217345

Troll Artist of the Day

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twitter list trolling parody the simpsons - 1138693

Some People Are Taking Claims That 'The Simpsons' Can Predict the Future a Little Too Far

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I Found It Hilarious

facebook murder wallpaper trolling - 6657418496
Created by Baseresxyz
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Blanka is the Best Troll Ever

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The Guy in the Middle Took Up Four Parking Spots. U Mad Now, Bro?

parking trolling monday thru friday g rated - 6547162368
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Not Sure if Genius or Trolling

trolling McDonald's genius - 7782362624
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Watch Donkey Kong Scare the Crap Out of Kids

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Funny Twitter thread where people talk about making hard-boiled eggs for the ball inside the mouse in the '90s | Marina Ayano K @even_kei Kids these days will never know hardships each week having overcook fresh hardboiled egg yolk computer mouse 10:18 AM 5/21/20 Twitter Web App

Oddly Specific Twitter Troll About Boiled Eggs Is A Flashback From The '90s

'90s kids are really showing their age here!
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The Art Of Failure

art trolling graffiti - 8970473984
Created by Luchabro

Honest Mistake

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Well If They're Gently Used, That's Chill

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Snow Reason Not to Try and Troll Your Way Out of Class

funny fail tweet school kids try to troll news into calling a snow day for school
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Gotta Troll Fast!

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Oh Deer

image pokemon go trolling Oh Deer
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