Art of Trolling


Pokémon pokemon go trolling pranks Video - 124422

Guy Has No Chill and Causes a Stampede Pranking the Hell out of Pokémon GO Players

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sports list trolling butts facebook football - 601349

Michigan Athletics' Facebook Pages Get Hacked and It's All About the Booty

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sports team logo change

The Chargers Retrace Their Steps after Getting Grilled for New Logo on Twitter, Change Colors, Only End up Getting Roasted with Newfound Passion

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Then She Wonders Why Her Car Insurance Premiums Were Raised Suddenly

moms cars trolling Then She Wonders Why Her Car Insurance Premiums Were Raised Suddenly
Via @mirandaasantos

Need a Place to Crash on New Year's Eve?

police new years hotel
Via Matador91

Not Sure if Genius or Trolling

trolling McDonald's genius - 7782362624
Created by Unknown
parenting trolling Video vacuum - 79286529

When You Have a Clueless Teen, Chores Are a Perfect Trolling Opportunity

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Funny artist trolls choosing beggars with bad portraits | This one pencil drawing size? A4 size 07 August, 4:02 pm So want an a4 drawing graphite pencil photo? | Have finished drawing 09 August, 12:42 pm deserve this

Artist Trolls Patrons Who Demand Free Art

That's the stuff.
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Expand Photobomb

photobomb trolling beach bikini - 8394082048
Via The Internets From 2011

We'll Put It In Our Sundae Edition

image scoop puns We'll Put It In Our Sundae Edition
Via Jogger312
troll for drugs to wrong number

Dude Trolls a Wrong Number Asking to Buy Drugs, Sends Mystery Buyer to an Abandoned Building

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The Art Of Failure

art trolling graffiti - 8970473984
Created by Luchabro

In His Defense, His Buddies Probably Egged Him On

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trolling Video Street fighter trolltube - 65205505

The Best Way to Scare Your Friends is With Street Fighter Impressions

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Guy Beautifully Trolls Craigslist Ingrate Looking to Buy an Xbox One

Via CoryScott93
news channel simpsons

These Texts Prove That Trolling an Australian News Channel With Simpsons Pics Is an Art In and Of Itself

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