Art of Trolling


Oh Hey There... Grape... Girl?

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How True Friends Respond to Texts

best friends texting - 8015855616

Assorted Smoothies?!

free scam shock sites sms texting - 6034922752
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You Think This is a Game?


Womp Womp Wooooomp

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Dank Memes Did 9/11

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A choosing beggar takes lowballing to a whole new extreme | Hey is sofa set still available? Hi, yes 's available is condition firm are seats?

Choosing Beggar Takes Lowballing To New Extreme

No, no, get out of here with that.
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Dad Pls...

dads parenting texting - 7879572480

So Nyeeehhh!!!

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Saving My Draw Four for the Next Turn

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What? Just Being Honest!

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Go 'Head and Live a Little (Longer)

autocorrect texting - 7824828416

Let's Just Skip the Pleasantries

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Texts and Fury Signifying Nothing

revenge shakespeare texting - 8112919808
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That's What It's Called, Right?

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Do You WANT Me to Die, John?

pizza dying texting john - 7651920896