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Prank of The Day: Guy Thinks He's Texting Gorgeous Babe, Ends up Being His Dastardly Friend

Prank of The Day: Guy Thinks he is Texting Gorgeous Babe, Ends up Being His Dastardly Friend
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Mad Skills

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Mom Had a Lot of Fun in the 60s

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Dank Memes Did 9/11

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Oh the late night randoms...

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Mom Goes Into Freakout Mode, Thinks Daughter's Head Turned Into a Square

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He Couldn't Take a Hint Even if They Were on Sale

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That's One Way to Think About It...

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Literally Go Away

Troll makes meme of bring on a roll (rolls eyes)

When You Put Your Number on a Famous Person's Instagram, Anybody Can See It

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There's a Good Chance of It...

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Dad Pls...

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Best imitation of Stewie....

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Funny SNL Writer is trolling Donald Trump on Twitter by responding to the President's tweets like they're having a personal conversation.

SNL Writer Responds to Donald Trump's Tweets Like Their Personal Texts and Awkward Hilariousness Ensues

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Please Do What You Can to Help

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The Rare Self-Troll