Art of Trolling


These are the Dangers of Sexting

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Mad Skills

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dad trolls wife by pretending he gave their son a bad haircut

Mischievous Husband Trolls Wife Into Hysterical Rage With Amazing Use of Photoshop

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Let's Just Skip the Pleasantries

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Facebook scammer gets trolled by a guy's friend after hacking his Facebook.

Guy Trolls Stupid Facebook Hacker In Merciless Fashion

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We Try Our Hardest

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It's Time to Move Out

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You've Gadro Be Kidding Me...

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"But It Can Be the Right Number if That's What You Want"

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Check and Mate

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Today's Gonna Be a Good Day, I Can Feel It!

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Thanks for Being So Great, Mom!


I Give Up!

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We Haven't Forgotten

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Oh, You Wanted My OTHER Street Name!


Like Looking in a Mirror

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