Art of Trolling


You Need to Get Yourself Together!

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You Have 24 Hours to Comply

hostage phones texting - 8312563712

Oh Crotch, You're so Funny

best of week IRL professor sign texting - 6000119552
Created by phillipjt

You Passed the Test!

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Created by Unknown

"But It Can Be the Right Number if That's What You Want"

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Created by freshbru

I'm So Lonely

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One Emotion: Mad

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Created by Unknown

Touché, Dad...

dads parenting texting - 8296232448

Nice Try!

spanish texting - 8291804160

Dad Pls...

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Created by Unknown

You've Gadro Be Kidding Me...

Chemistry texting - 7859763200
Created by Unknown
Guy ends up wasting a scammer's time in the funniest, most annoying way possible.

Idiotic Scammer Has No Idea He's Being Ferociously Trolled

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Wrong Number of the Day: Cool Dude with a Beautiful Beard Has the Best Responses When a Stranger Keeps Texting Him

A stranger texting this guy and his beard gets the best responses.
Via EWW3

Criminal Masterminds

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Created by Unknown


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