Art of Trolling


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Reading Dirty Texts Out Loud is Only for the Brave... or Foolish...

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Srsly Lemme Kno

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Abraham Lincoln Frowns Upon Your Shenanigans

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True. Also, Shut Up.


There's a Good Chance of It...

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Moralistic Christian Puritans Unite!

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By Kittypawz34
dad uses memes

Savage Dad Uses Memes to Shut Down Thirsty Kid Trying to Chat Up His Daughter

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Done and Done!

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You Passed the Test!

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Determination is a Virtue

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Guy ends up wasting a scammer's time in the funniest, most annoying way possible.

Idiotic Scammer Has No Idea He's Being Ferociously Trolled

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False Alarm

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By Unknown

Dad Pls...

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Check and Mate

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